Last night’s episode of Biggest Loser had to be one of the most emotional in TV history. Almost every team had a spotlight moment where they let the tears flow. Maybe it’s this season’s “couples” concept, where everyone has someone to lean on, but it we’ve seen more breakdowns than ever before. Brown team members Curtis and Mallory kicked off the waterworks in the Hall of Truth when they faced with how many calories and pounds of fat they consume each year. It didn’t stop there. The couple had a combined total of 11 boo-hoos, which is why we’re presenting them with the “most tears shed in a two hour program” award. White team, with lazy husband Neill and hardworking wife Amanda (who lost no weight this week) were a close second with a total of 10 tear jerking moments. –Caryn Midler

Check out the full tear count for all the teams:

Brown Team: Mallory 6, Curtis 5 = 11

White Team: Amanda 6, Neill 4 = 10

Yellow Team: Kelly 3, Paul 2 = 5

Black Team: Jay 1, Mark 2 = 3

Blue Team: Brittany 3, Bernie 0 = 3

Purple Team: Jenn 1, Maggie 2 = 3

Gray Team: Roger 1, Trent 1 = 2

Orange Team: Jackie 1, Dan, 0 = 1

Pink Team: Ali 0, Bette-Sue, 0 = 0