Tara's 'Biggest Loser' Blog: Quitters Never Win

Costa says Lisa not wanting to be on the show "drives me nuts"

Photo: Courtesy Tara Costa

This week it seemed that all The Biggest Loser contestants were on overdrive – giving it everything they had as they went in as pairs for the weigh-in.

By winning the temptation challenge, Brendan became the decision maker in this game and the way he picked teams created a men-versus-women scenario. Ada, a strong competitor, was a bit nervous and upset about possibly going home because she didn’t trust the teammate he picked for her – Jessica, who hadn t had good numbers. After all, working in pairs is tough; you have to make sure your partner is doing everything in her power to lose weight. But in the end, it made me laugh because Jessica lost more weight than Ada! Good for you, Jessica!

Also at the weigh-in, it was a total bummer that Jessie lost 16 lbs., but still fell below the yellow line. On the flip side, one of the pink ladies, Lisa, was apprehensive about being on Biggest Loser. This drives me nuts! More than 400,000 people apply to be on the show and you are already 60 percent through the competition! Plus, you have a daughter at home who was hospitalized because she wasn’t drinking or eating because she didn’t want to be like her mother! What is up with this woman? If that isn’t motivation, then what is? That said, I do love her honesty; she was upfront with her willingness to go home and was open about Frado’s intention to keep the girls on the show as a placeholder.

We finally got a glimpse of the emotions and stress that come along with being on a reality show. Frado was angry, and then Aaron finally stepped up instead of keeping quiet. I approve of that – it takes courage to step up to “the Godfather,” as Jillian called Frado in an earlier episode.

Jillian was very upset with the results of this weigh-in. She was fuming and had some words for Elizabeth and Lisa. Bob put Lisa’s feelings into perspective for us when he said that the game-play was getting to her, not her willingness to change. Both Bob and Jillian agreed that Elizabeth was still dependent upon others, allowing herself to be taken care of as if she were a child. We’ve seen the guys, Frado and Brendan, take care of her, and now it was Jessica’s turn. She needs to stand on her own two feet, and I hope we get to see this during the season!

This week my BL MVP goes to Jillian! I love her honesty in all situations – nothing compares. Plus, she should be awarded for how she broke down Aaron and helped him that losing weight was something he had to do for himself!

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