Tell us if the women stand a chance against Frado and Patrick
Credit: Bret Hartman/NBC

The Biggest Loser‘s final four – Frado, Patrick, Ada and Elizabeth – headed home this week to the great unknown. Of course they all know their old environments, but not as the new people that they have become. Transitioning home can sometimes be difficult, especially if you do not have support and understanding from your loved ones.

Back in Staten Island, N.Y., Frado was surrounded by positive energy and used that focus to better himself and the lives of others. He was smart to use Curtis Stone’s celebrity to help him raise money and pay it forward.

Patrick, who needs to win for the money for his family since he lost his job, “hit the ground running” at home in Vicksburg, Miss., and with major weight loss (35 lbs.), it is obvious he has found his way.

Ada went home to Gilroy, Calif., and had an emotional family breakthrough with her mother. I sobbed (along with you, I’m sure)! It was a heartfelt moment, when we could see what her home life is really like and there’s a cultural difference there. Her parents love her – they just have a different way of showing those emotions. I can understand a little better why they did not send a video and why they did not make the trip to see her in the fashion show. I don’t think they understood what their daughter was doing away from home! But Ada is having a hard time staying the course with her eating habits and OLD HABITS DIE HARD, especially if you need to do it all by yourself.

Elizabeth moved from Boston to New Jersey with her boyfriend. I think she is happy – she lost some weight, gained some self-confidence and found a boyfriend. But Jillian will always tell you not to date anyone until you are done with the show. She believes there are too many distractions in a new relationship. And she’s right: Elizabeth went home, packed up everything and moved. Now, she no longer has the daily support of her mother who has started eating healthy. Instead, she has her boyfriend who eats processed burritos.

The Biggest Loser marathon is now a rite of passage for contestants, who know if they make it to the final four, they’ll have to finish 26.2 miles. Ada went home and for six weeks she was training to beat my previous marathon time. I am happy that I could help her strive to accomplish more and push herself to a new level. When you actually train for a marathon, it is hard to lose weight. Training for weight loss is a completely different style of training. I was shocked that she lost 12 lbs., compared to Elizabeth’s 15 lbs. Elizabeth must have flipped a switch after Jillian came to visit. I was impressed to see that Elizabeth finished while the sun was still up. Both Patrick and Frado kicked butt with the marathon. I was quite impressed with both of their times.

Now America gets to vote between Elizabeth and Ada. Who will it be? To be honest, I think we all know. Either way, I am not sure how these girls will be able to compete for the title of Biggest Loser against the guys. It’s going to be a fight between Frado and Patrick. The only advantage that Patrick has over Frado is more weight to lose.

Who do you think will take home the $250,000? Has the marathon inspired you to start running?