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October 01, 2008 12:00 AM

Week three of The Biggest Loser: Families was all about suspense. What was the point of the Grand Canyon trip? And what would Bob and Jillian do to the contestants upon finding out about their sloth-like behavior during the trip?

In any case. Phil of the Red Team said it best when he astutely pointed out: “Every time we think things are going to be fun, there’s a twist.”

At their first destination, the contestants hit their first temptation. They’re brought into a convenience store where the game gets off to a roaring start with several teams guessing the calories in one Rolo. Heba and Ed win that, then they win the string-cheese round. When they get to the fattening hot-dog in round three, Heba wonders why no other team goes up against them, thus giving the Orange Team an easy win. (The teams must win three rounds to spend the next week in a comfy RV, rather than a tent on the Canyon floor).

At the Canyon, the teams set up their tents and wander out, finding some rubber bands and a few medicine balls. They’re at the base of one of the steepest, grandest hiking trails in the world, and what do they do? They play CATCH with the medicine balls. Then, looking bewildered, they meander in circles along the Canyon floor. “Everyone’s in the same boat — the boat of not working out,” justifies the Brown Team’s Brady, who is shown splayed out on a bed inside his tent. It looks like it’ll be a heavy boat…

Someone’s Going to Die: So says Jillian as the last-chance workout approaches. Back at the ranch, the teams confess they broke nary a sweat in the Canyon and Bob, spouting the exact words we were shouting at the TV, tells the camera in disgust: “You’re at the Grand Canyon. Get outside! It made no sense to me whatsoever.”

Jillian announces “someone’s going to die” at the last-chance workout (LCW). Before that, though, Jerry has a medical glitch: Is it a blood clot? We find out later it’s a torn hamstring, and Coleen is relieved her dad’s not dying.

At the LCW, Michelle of the Pink Team is crying again, not because of her mom issues but because Jillian is hitting her during a boxing workout. “Michelle is a doormat,” Jillian says. We’re starting to agree.

Weigh-In with a Twist: The contestants quake in their flip-flops when they learn only one team will fall below the yellow line … and only ONE person on that team will go home. We are expecting super-low numbers, but get a jolt when Phil pulls a 10 and Amy, a 5. Then Brady and Vicky lose a measly 3 lbs. and 5 lbs., respectively. Is it finally the end of the Brown Team?

Sadly, no. The Yellow Team goes last, and the elation of Coleen losing 7 lbs. is quickly overshadowed by a shock 2 lb. gain by her father, Jerry. As always, Coleen makes excuses for her dad, though she does admit to feeling “surprise” at the gain.

Host Alison Sweeney gives them one hour to make a decision that should take a microsecond. Jerry has to go, and yet they go through the charade of making a “very tough” decision. It’s clear everyone likes both of them, but alas Coleen votes her father off. Our concern: Can Jerry survive on the outside world?

Flash forward to a few months later and Jerry has dropped a total of 70 lbs.! Perhaps as important, Dr. Huizenga pays him a visit to say his many ailments are under control … Jerry’s now off four out of five medications he was on in the beginning. Go, Jerry! –Sara Hammel

Tell us: How will Coleen fare alone, without the support of her father? Does the strong Orange team have a target on their backs after winning the temptation and the challenge?

Mitchell Haaseth /NBC

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