Too many kinds of crashes (ambulance, ferry, plane) to count

By Diana Pearl
Updated March 28, 2015 08:50 AM

Sure, the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy are all touted as the best in their fields. So when they’re faced with the umpteenth catastrophe to hit Seattle (a ferry crash! a shooting! an earthquake!), it begs the question: Why don’t they all make like Addison and head south for sunny Los Angeles?

But, for better or for worse, over the past ten years, the surgeons at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital (once known as Seattle Grace Mercy West and before that, simply Seattle Grace) have stuck around through an endless series of disasters.

Here are just a few of the most traumatic incidents Meredith Grey and company have have been put through over the last decade:

The Train Crash
In the Grey’s Anatomy version of Seattle, the city has a bit of crash problem, no matter the vehicle. The train crash in season 2 was particularly gruesome. A number of casualties come pouring through Seattle Grace’s doors, but the most memorable was Bonnie and Tom, two strangers with a pole struck through their middles. As Bonnie’s injuries were more severe than Tom’s, she died shortly after after the doctors removed the pole.

The Bomb Explosion
Viewers got their next taste of disaster on Grey’s with our heroine, Meredith Grey, nearly being blown to bits when she placed her hand on a bomb inside a patient in order to keep him live. Meredith survived, but the bomb squad leader that talked her down so she was able to remove the explosive, died shortly after they removed the bomb from the patient’s body.

The Ferry Crash
Seattle’s ferry crash was devastating on its own, with Seattle Grace docs treating patients both at the site of the crash and at the hospital. But things took a more personal turn when Meredith nearly drowned in the Puget Sound after being knocked over by a flailing victim on the dock. Derek pulled Meredith out of the water and saved her, but it still took an emotionally intense dream, filled with the ghosts of patients past, to pull her back to the land of the living.

The Ambulance Crash

Here’s another crash to remember: season 4’s ambulance crash into Seattle Grace’s ER bay leaves two paramedics severely wounded and instantly kills the patient the ambulance was transporting to the hospital.

The Bus Accident That Killed George

Lots of characters have come and gone on Grey’s, but T.R. Knight’s lovable George O’Malley remains one of the most missed. In one of the show’s most shocking moments, Meredith learns that the man who was mangled after jumping in front of a bus to save a stranger is in fact their beloved colleague. He dies just minutes into the next episode.

The Hospital Shooting
There’s been a lot of drama on Grey’s Anatomy, but the shooting at Seattle Grace Mercy West is one of the biggest nail-biters on the Shonda Rhimes‘s show. After his wife died in surgery, a distraught Gary Clark brings a gun to Seattle Grace, seeking revenge on Derek, the surgeon who operated on his wife. The shooter was only semi-successful in his pursuit, however. Derek suffered from a gun wound, but thanks to Cristina’s nimble fingers during surgery, the wound wasn’t fatal.

The Plane Crash

The shooting was traumatic, but it was the plane crash that really broke our hearts. A plane carrying Derek, Meredith, Cristina, Arizona, Lexie and Mark went down as they were on their way to another hospital, and it brought a whole new level of pain (both physical and emotional) to our beloved characters. Neither Lexie Grey nor Mark Sloan survived, Derek was badly wounded and Arizona’s leg faced such severe damage she was forced to amputate.

The Sinkhole

Who could forget the episode when Seattle developed a sinkhole that trapped a couple and their car? The woman was truly trapped, because in order to get out, her leg had to be amputated – by her husband, who was not a trained medical professional. It’s not long, however, before Owen comes to help when the task became too overwhelming.

The Bus Explosion During a Power Outage-Causing Storm
The doctors on Grey’s have seen a lot of traumatic events in their day, but rarely do so many dire situations pop up in the same episode as they did in the season 9 finale, “Perfect Storm.” A storm raged outside, leaving the hospital without power, a bus explosion fills up the hospital’s emergency room and Meredith find herself in need of an emergency C-section. Quite a day, even at this hospital.

The Earthquake

California may be the west coast state that’s best known for earthquakes, but that didn’t stop one from popping up in Seattle during in the midst of Grey’s current season. And while an earthquake may be the biggest natural disaster to hit Seattle since the show started, this episode (thankfully) didn’t see any major character deaths.

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