David Giesbrecht/Bravo
June 18, 2010 01:00 AM

Bethenny Frankel isn’t the only one in the family who needs therapy.

On Thursday’s episode of Bethenny Getting Married?, the NYC Housewife took her pup Cookie to a dog behaviorist. “I’m thinking I’ve messed up my dog, the pregnant bride-to-be said. “What kind of mother am I going to be?”

Like she did in the premiere episode, Frankel also caught up with her shrink – and her upcoming wedding and her family (or lack thereof) were the topics of conversation. “I’m just a tough person,” she said. “It’s hard for me to fall in love with someone.”

So who’s next in line to see the doctor? It’s a toss-up between her wedding planner and her intern, who were both struggling to do their jobs. Maybe the cast of Bethenny Getting Married? can get a group rate. –Alison Schwartz

Keep reading for the episode’s best one-liners:

“I feel like a brisket.” –On shopping for a wedding dress pregnant

“It’s nice to learn the techniques from the cougars and then bring them back to the puppy patch for your 22-year-old.” –On her intern’s love for older women

I’m sweating. I’m like Molly Shannon on Saturday Night Live.” –On the show’s "Superstar" skit

“It’s like taking Betty White to therapy.” –On Cookie’s session with the dog behaviorist

“If there’s a fire hydrant at the wedding, that will be perfect.” –On her pregnancy’s effect on her bladder

“Does my generation grind? What’s grinding? Like you’re a– is in someone’s balls? –On her dance moves

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