Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
February 18, 2010 12:00 AM

While The Bachelor fans were watching Monday night’s episode and wondering who’d get a rose, Gia Allemand, the unlucky woman who was sent home, was reliving the anguish of rejection all over again.

The New York swimsuit model tells Ellen DeGeneres in a segment of her show set to air Thursday that she was “heartbroken” over Jake Pavelka‘s decision to let her go, but that she was finally moving on. Until she watched herself on TV getting sent home from St. Lucia, that is. “I was watching the show on Monday night I was like hysterical in my hotel room,” she says. “I was like oh my, that really hurt.”

Despite that setback, Allemand, 26, is looking forward to next week when she’ll go on her first date “in a while” — at least, since getting rejected by the hunky pilot. She said after returning to New York, she “really didn’t go out much,” but admitted that was as much because of show rules as getting over her pain. “I really couldn’t go out and meet someone anyway in that state of mind with my heart broken and everything,” she says.

Allemand’s pick for the last woman standing? She says while Tenley, 25, is “the obvious choice because she and Jake have so much in common,” Vienna, the 23-year-old from Orlando who’s made plenty of enemies on the show, is “a really good person” with undeniable chemistry with Pavelka. –Blane BachelorMichael Rozman/Warner Bros.

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