After being rejected by Juan Pablo Galavis, the eliminated contestant talks about staying positive in a house filled with negativity

By Carrie Bell
Updated January 31, 2014 10:45 AM
Credit: Christopher Jue/ABC

Unfortunately for Elise Mosca, a first-grade teacher from Pennsylvania, she did not find her Seoulmate after being whisked away to Korea by Juan Pablo Galavis for the first stop of The Bachelor world tour.

The 27-year-old, who is currently in between jobs, spoke with reporters via phone from Los Angeles about her televised attempt to find love with Juan Pablo, hanging around negative people and refusing to pose naked.

In hindsight, are you fine with being eliminated or do you think he could have been the one?
I was disappointed we did not get to know each other better. Without one-on-one time, it is difficult to do that. We never had enough time. We’d only have little chats. Watching his one-on-ones with other girls, you see him connecting. I would have liked to have that to see if we could have gotten along. But everything happens when and how it is supposed to, so I am happy with the outcome. I feel like good comes out of every experience.

On the photo-shoot date, you chose not to pose nude. Do you regret switching or feel like you missed out on an opportunity to get closer to Juan Pablo?
I definitely stand by my strong beliefs and morals. I am who I am. If I’m going to be with somebody, I wouldn’t change who I am. But I didn’t get to have as much time with him because of it. That stinks, but I don’t regret it.

How did you feel when you saw Juan Pablo refusing to kiss girls on the group date?
That was an interesting moment. Juan Pablo was saying he didn’t want to add to his list of kissed girls because of his daughter. He had already kissed six, and he was trying to keep his numbers low. He did let down Lauren easily that way, but at the same time, clearly he was into Clare and he already kissed her on the first date.

So was he being a hypocrite?
It is a tough situation because you have a ton of girls. You are going to be attracted to who you are attracted to. What else was he going to say to Lauren? If he didn’t want to kiss her, he didn’t want to kiss her. It is a little misleading. But at the end of the day, he’s the one making decision.

When you left the rose ceremony, you said you thought your mom wouldn’t have wanted you to be around such negative and bad people. Is that still your opinion?
I am a very positive person, and so was my mother. Some of the girls in the house were the opposite of positive. They would complain about everything and were very disrespectful to staff. It was sad to be around girls who couldn’t appreciate those wonderful things right in front of us – being in South Korea, this amazing hotel, the wonderful food, this beautiful place. That negativity was pulling my energy. I just didn’t want to be around that.

We assume you mean Nikki.
Nikki and I got along, but we’re different people. Her sarcasm is extremely negative, and I don’t handle myself that way. She saw the worst in every experience – complaining about the date, complaining about the hotel room. Losing my mother, I have been through the worst, so to say that a group date is the worst moment of her life was very hurtful to me.

Many girls have issues with Clare.
Clare is a nice girl. She has good intentions and wants to fall in love, but she’s a little on edge. She’s older than most of the girls, and she might feel more entitled to fall in love because of that. But at the end of the day, they have a connection. Clare was lucky enough to get that first one-on-one date, so she has an advantage.

Who do you see as the frontrunners?
He seems to really have chemistry with Sharleen. She’s a magnetic person who is being open and honest with her feelings. I don’t know if they are necessarily right for each other. They are so different, but sometimes opposites attract. I love Renee. I think Renee would embrace being a stepmother. She’s a great mother and a sweet person, but I’m not sure what Juan Pablo is really looking for.

He seems to like testing the girls, like showing up before they’ve gotten ready or getting them to eat weird food.
He does test people to see how they react or handle themselves when they’re out of their comfort zone. It hasn’t been anything inappropriate or dangerous. It’s an interesting and cool approach.