By People Staff
Updated February 05, 2010 12:00 AM
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

She finally scored her first one-on-one date, but Corrie Adamson, 23, could never quite catch up in the race for Bachelor Jake‘s heart. The wardrobe consultant from Birmingham, Ala., spoke with PEOPLE about her lack of aggression, the controversial Vienna and whether she regrets admitting her virginity on TV. –Carrie Bell

You complained you were always a step behind the others. Jake and I had only one date. Our one-on-one was very much a first date. My feelings for him were not extremely developed and I was behind the other girls. There were a lot of strong personalities there and they dominated our group time with Jake. I’m not loud and look-at-me so I don’t think Jake got to see how much I laugh or how easygoing I am. In his defense, how hard is it to pay attention to eight girls at one time?

Should you have pursued him more aggressively?It isn’t really my personality to go after a guy. I let them come after me. I was just being myself. In general, there isn’t anything I’d do too differently. I got to the top five not chasing after him and there were girls who were chasing and got sent home before me. He’ll be a catch for whoever he ends up with, but I don’t think I was the girl for Jake. We just didn’t click.

Should you have kissed Jake earlier?No. I was not about to kiss him on a group date when he was kissing girls a minute before and after me.

Was the boat ride as awkward as it appeared on TV?It was my favorite part of the date. We had a lot of fun. He had the perfect opportunity and he didn’t take it. I’m a hard girl to read and I’d been standoffish so I don’t think Jake knew if I wanted him to kiss me or not.

Did Jake’s demeanor change once he found out you’re a virgin?I think he saw me younger after that and associated that with not having life experiences. But it has nothing to do with my age. If I was Jake’s age and single, I would still be a virgin. And it isn’t because I didn’t have opportunities or am immature. It takes more maturity to put that off.

The show’s preview reel showed you having a breakdown when the virginity issue came up but it wasn’t in the episode.I did get upset after that conversation. It didn’t happen the way you saw it. The question came out of nowhere and caught me off guard. He’d asked if I’d ever had a one-night stand. I said no and he said, “Are you saving yourself for marriage?” It’s very personal and isn’t something I go announcing on first dates. I’m proud of it, but I didn’t feel it was the right time to have that conversation.

And now the information is out there as you go back to dating.I didn’t want that coming out on national TV because I want to be able to tell the person that I’m with. It’s frustrating that it’s something they’ll already know now. But I’ve gotten a lot of emails from girls that have been like, “Thank you. You have given me confidence as someone who has made that same decision.” It’s not always a popular decision so it ended up being a good thing.

Did you know you weren’t getting a rose?I knew when we lined up at the rose ceremony because we talked about the fantasy suite and that I wasn’t willing to do it, and I knew it was important to Jake to get alone time. I wasn’t where he needed me to be and that would put me even farther behind. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with hanging out with a guy behind closed doors, but wonder if they are having sex. I didn’t want to give any room to doubt my virginity or think I’m saying one thing and doing another.

Do you think he’s found the one?Honestly, when I left, I didn’t see him with anyone long term. But I think that him and Vienna and Ali had a strong connection. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pick Vienna. She probably makes Jake feel really young and like a man. But I would be surprised if they last. As far as what Jake said he was looking for, they’re very different.

Why is she so hated by the women and do you believe all the rumors about her affairs and stealing money from her ex?Vienna has a big personality that clashes with the other girls. I don’t think she’s intentionally mean, but she’s young and doesn’t think before she speaks. She’s a funny girl. You have to take the gossip with a grain of salt. I think a lot of it is rumors. I don’t think she has a malicious heart, but if Jake would have seen things that went on with just the girls around, the final four would have been different. Craig Sjodin/ABC