"If he was judging me based on my appearance ... then he should have been judging Britt for the same things," says Iaconetti

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated February 12, 2015 07:35 PM
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Chris Soules made a shocking decision during a very emotional two-on-one date to eliminate both Ashley Iaconetti and Kelsey Poe.

The decision came after Iaconetti revealed to Soules that Poe didn’t get along with the other girls in the house – information which he promptly shared with Poe, leading to an extremely awkward and tense encounter between the two girls.

Soules told Iaconetti – a freelance journalist from New Jersey who often voiced her admiration for the Kardashians – that he didn’t think he could give her the lifestyle she wanted. Iaconetti responded by asking Soules if he could see Britt Nilsson living the farm life.

After her dramatic elimination, Iaconetti spoke to reporters on Thursday about why she made that comment about Nilsson, how she thinks Soules will react to learning that Becca Tilley is a virgin, and who she sees as this season’s front runners.

You called out Britt when Chris mentioned he didn’t think he could give you the lifestyle you wanted on a farm. What about her made you think she wouldn’t be okay with life on a farm?
Britt was always completely nice, but if he was judging me based on my appearance – I like makeup and I like fashion – and I’m from a big metropolitan area, then he should have been judging Britt for the same things.

There’s some speculation that Britt came on the show to pursue an acting career or with the intention to be the next Bachelorette. Do you see that as being the case?
I have no proof of her being on the show to further any career aspirations. She was only nice to me, and I have nothing to think that she was there for the wrong reasons.

Chris sent you home because he didn’t think you would be happy with the lifestyle in Arlington, Iowa. Do you agree with his reasoning?
I don’t think Chris really got to know me well enough to really determine that. I would move to a farm if he were the true love of my life, but I think both of us knew at that point that that wasn’t going to happen.

Do you regret telling Chris that Kelsey didn’t gel with the rest of the girls?
I absolutely have no regrets telling Chris that. I think it’s something that he needed to know, it’s something that all the girls wanted him to know, and I absolutely don’t think it determined whether or not I was going to leave on that two-on-one date.

After watching back the episode, do you think that Kelsey faked her panic attack to get attention from Chris?
I can’t say for sure – I’m not Kelsey and I’m not the medics around her – but I just think it was a fishy time to faint in that situation.

Given how Chris reacted to you when you revealed you were a virgin, how do you think he will react when he learns that Becca is also a virgin?
I do expect him to react to the Becca situation – if it’s ever brought up with him – the same way he did with me. I was particularly nervous about telling him because some guys haven’t taken the fact that I’m a virgin in necessarily a positive light in the past. Looking back at the show and his reactions, he didn’t make me believe that he thinks it’s a positive thing.

Do you think any of the remaining girls are there for the wrong reasons?
No. Chris has a great bunch left. I’m really excited to see the relationships that still exist continue to develop.

Who do you see Chris ending up with?
[Becca and Whitney] are both Southern girls. Becca’s from Louisiana, Whitney is from Kentucky. They both have that Southern belle thing going on for them. They’re genuinely two of the sweetest, nicest people I’ve ever met. They’re great and they’re poised and respectable. They’re stand-up girls and I feel like they have the type of personality that Chris would appreciate.

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