"I questioned his intentions and character for picking Jenna," the jilted contestant says

By Carrie Bell
Updated January 06, 2012 09:10 AM
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Although Amber Tierney’s hometown video portrayed her as a sure shot who always gets her prey, her hunt for a husband on The Bachelor ended on the first night. The Kansas City-based nurse, 29, told reporters Thursday why Ben Flajnik was the one that got away.

Why do you think you were eliminated?
Initially, there wasn’t a lot of chemistry. I didn’t talk to him at all [other than at our first] meeting, and then sitting in on him being blindfolded. There are 25 girls fighting for him. Everyone’s aggressive and the drama with Jenna and Monica took time away from other girls because he tried to be a mediator in that situation. I sold myself short. I wish I would have been more assertive and approached him to have a conversation.

Do you think your hunting hobby played into his decision?
I’m not sure. It’s a more masculine hobby, so I could see how it could be intimidating to some guys – although not where I’m from. Guys love that kind of stuff.

There seemed to be more gimmicks than usual. Should you have done more?
I thought saying something to surprise him at the beginning was more my personality. There was a lot of stuff going on with people trying to show their personalities and find a connection with him. They did things to stand out so they’re going to have an edge. Lindzi riding in on her horse was pretty clever. She definitely deserved that first impression rose.

How’d you feel about being dismissed so early on?
I was a little surprised and disappointed because Jenna got a rose. It made me question Ben’s character. But I reflected on it and realized she was really fragile and he probably didn’t want to hurt her any more.

What was your reaction to her?
I didn’t see everything that happened, but I thought, “This girl is a hot mess. It’s ridiculous to get that upset.” Then again, it’s a really long night of shooting, everyone’s tired, drinking is involved and emotions can be exaggerated. Jenna could have handled the situation better. Her coming in mid-rose ceremony and getting a rose was definitely disappointing. I would think that would be a red flag for him.

Did Ben seem to be there for the right reasons – to fall in love and find a wife?
My initial impression was that he was more into himself and the drama than he was into getting to know all of the girls well. But I didn’t get a lot of time to get to know him. Initially, I questioned his intentions and character for picking Jenna. It seems to me that if you are looking for a wife, [you wouldn’t] chose somebody who’s not stable and causing drama already.

Did anyone stand out on night one as a frontrunner?
He made a comment about Courtney being beautiful, so she’s one of his favorites. She seemed a little cold to me. He also seemed to have a connection with Kacie. … One of my favorites is Nicki from Texas.

Who will be the most exciting to watch?
For drama, Jenna is a hot mess and might be emotional. Monica will be able to play a lot of people for sure.