By People Staff
Updated June 20, 2008 12:00 AM

Blaine Twilley, the 33-year-old son of a former NFL player, made an entertaining run for the Bachelorette’s heart, but seemed unable to get out of the friend zone and into the final four. He chatted via phone from Dallas, where he recently started a new job in software sales, about his ill-timed motion sickness, Jesse as a darkhorse (the equine metaphors just keep coming!) and the possibility of being the next Bachelor. – Carrie Bell

When you finally got some quality solo time with DeAnna, it seemed like much of it was spent feeling nauseous. Was it really motion sickness or just nerves? It really was motion sickness and it was towards the end of the flight when the helicopter was circling around. I felt fine for most of the ride… A lot of that didn’t get shown because getting sick was the most memorable thing.

Were you prepared to not get a rose after Palm Springs?Like most of America, I was surprised every time I got a rose every rose ceremony. I was the most surprised I got a rose the first ceremony because I didn’t get to talk to DeAnna at all other than my bumbling forth out of the limo. I didn’t see a lot of interest from her throughout the experience. I was trying to be confident and not go into the ceremony feeling like I was not going to get a rose. But every single week, every single guy was telling me I was going to go home. I believed them. I didn’t see a very good chemistry with DeAnna so I was ready every week. I had my bags packed.

Why do you think she kept you around as long as she did?DeAnna and I had gotten to talk a few times. Maybe she saw some potential there. I felt like I was storming the beaches of Normandy. I didn’t have anywhere to run and that machine gun was ready to pick me off. I was just the guy they got to last. I was one of the last guys she felt safe with. Brian, Robert, Fred – none of us had any chemistry with her, but she can only eliminate so many every rose ceremony. I’m not mad at her. She only had so much time to spend with these guys and it was about her, not me.

Was there a specific moment where you realized DeAnna didn’t view you romantically?In episode three, when we were at the dude ranch, we had some time and conversations by the campfire. I started realizing I don’t have a chance in heck. I am coming on strong and trying to fan a flame that is just not there. So I just need to relax and have a good time and if something’s gonna happen it’s not going to be because I’m trying to create a romantic moment. It’s going to happen because DeAnna sees my true personality. Just because it didn’t happen… I started to have fun. At one point, Jason said, ‘I want Twilley from night one back,’ because I was all worried and over-analyzing things. ‘I want Twilley who was doing the Footloose dance. I don’t like this guy.’ That hit home with me.

Of the final four, whom do you think she will choose?If she picks a guy, and I still think there is a good chance she won’t…

You think she’ll pull a Brad Womack?I think there’s a good chance. She told me there was one guy who really blew her away. I think that was Graham. He likes her a lot, but talking to him, I think he is a little intimidated by the marriage thing. I just can’t see her putting herself back in that situation where he is going to turn her down.

Who then has the best chance of being chosen?I saw a lot of chemistry between her and Graham, her and Jeremy, and her and Jesse. I didn’t see a lot between her and Jason. I just don’t see it happening with any of the guys who are left other than Jesse. I know that might seem strange but they have an unusual connection. I think it will happen during the fantasy dates. I think it will be unexpected but the more she gets to know him, the more she’ll like him. Of the four left, they’re the best fit.

Seems like you also think Jason doesn’t have a chance of being last man standing.I don’t think Deanna is ready to be a mom. Do you really want to make a decision that affects a child based on a reality TV show that has had very little success? If it doesn’t work out, it could be very, very hard on this child. I think that will prevent that from blossoming. I think she is going to have to weigh that out. Of course, if she falls in love with Jason, they should go for it.

Now that you’re back on the dating scene, are women falling at your feet now that you’ve been on The Bachelorette?Definitely not fall at my feet. I am not recognized that often and when I am they just want me to do my porno music rendition or sing Brian’s song. It’s not ever, ‘Hey, do you want to go on a date?’

Would you be interested in being the next Bachelor if offered?I was very frustrated with the whole scene in the commercial where it looked like I was stalking her, watching her every move, I think, was the line they used. Right around then, a fan asked me if I would be the Bachelor and I started thinking about it. I thought, ‘Gosh to have to go through this thing again … having to pick between 25 girls who could be totally psycho. OK, I guess I’d do it.’

Tell us: Do you agree with Twilley that Jason doesn’t have a chance? Which guy do you see DeAnna with now that it’s down to the Final Four?Craig Sjodin/ABC