Jeff Medolla reveals why he wore a mask on the show and what he thinks of Bentley's antics

By Carrie Bell
June 10, 2011 03:00 PM
Rock Rowell/ABC

Jeff Medolla, a 35-year-old entrepreneur from St. Louis, decided to show up to The Bachelorette in disguise to be funny and to make a point about inner beauty. While he feels it was mission accomplished on both fronts, he admitted to reporters on a conference call that the mask hindered his ability to connect with Ashley Hebert.

What’s the reason behind wearing a mask?
I have an extremely dry sense of humor and am a huge risk taker. Six hundred-plus people have done the show. Why the hell would I walk in as regular ol’ Jeff? I wanted to go in disguise to flip the script and throw everyone off. People will remember it just like the girl with fangs … As much as it was a joke, there was great meaning behind it. The message was don’t judge me for what I look like or money I have.

How did the guys react to the mask?
The second I walked in, people started making fun of me. The reception to me was never real warm. I had to try really hard and I’ve never had to do that. But there were a few exceptions – Bentley and Ames – who didn’t shun me. Those two were cool and talked to me the whole night.

Was Ashley’s "older than I thought" comment when you removed the mask a blow to your ego?
I get told everyday that I look really young for my age. I run six miles a day. I don’t think I look old, but she’s 27 and I’m 35. Maybe I was a little too old for her.

Were you there to find love or for social commentary?
I’m a sincere normal person. I want to find someone to spend life with. Maybe you go on [The Bachelorette], get lucky, there’s chemistry and you fall in love. That’s initially why I went.

Did the mask hinder your ability to get to know Ashley?
It was a barrier and distracting in conversation … Maybe I would have lasted five or six episodes if I wasn’t wearing a mask, but the way I look at it, being booted out on the third is the way it was supposed to be.

There has been some bad behavior, like when William made her cry at the roast.
Most guys had one or two cracks about Ashley and then went on the guys. William didn’t say anything about the guys and just ripped on her for 20 minutes. Everybody was shocked.

And Bentley. What are your thoughts on him?
I had some pretty deep talks with the dude and have a feeling we’ll be in touch, but I’m not saying I trust him totally. Everything he said contradicted and didn’t add up. I knew he wasn’t happy to be there. I knew he missed his daughter … Bentley went way overboard. I don’t think any guy in the house thinks Bentley was cool nor would they have done that. I don’t think he’s a total a––hole, but I can’t believe some of the s–– he said on camera … Maybe it’s like that Spencer Pratt guy and he thinks it’s cool that everyone hates them. Maybe [his plan was] to talk about everyone behind their backs, including the girl, walk away and laugh about it.

Seems stupid given how popular the show is with women.
I don’t think Bentley will have a problem getting girls because it seems like girls like a–– guys. As long as his hair looks good.

Who in the house is a frontrunner?
Maybe she’ll end up engaged. It seems like a few guys are there for her like JP. He seems like a nice guy and genuinely into her.