Partners in every sense of the word, Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher have been putting in work


More than three years ago, JoJo Fletcher handed out her final rose on The Bachelorette to Jordan Rodgers, and since then the pair have been working to build not only a strong relationship, but a business together.

Recently, Rodgers got down on one knee (again!) to propose to Fletcher away from the cameras, solidifying their place as one of the franchise’s most successful couples.

Rodgers had Fletcher’s heart from the start, having received the coveted First Impression Rose, but it was mixing business with pleasure that kept things going for the pair.

Fletcher had plenty of experience when it came to real estate (“I’ve been doing it for almost 10 years now,” she tells PEOPLE), and her first move was to get Rodgers in on the action. After wrapping up The Bachelorette, she went back to Texas and finished remodeling a home, wrangling her new fiancé into the fray.

The 28-year-old tells PEOPLE, “I think that the most important thing for Jordan and I when we first got together was really kind of getting back to what our normal used to be.” For her, that meant “finishing up remodeling a house, and Jordan realizing soon that he was going to be part of that.”

“I got roped into this obviously,” Rodgers, 31, jokes. But soon he was just as excited about their business. Now, the couple is flipping properties to turn into marketable Airbnbs.

When push comes to shove, the couple has found a sense of normalcy in being both romantic and business partners. In fact, Jordan says, it “helps our relationship.” He tells PEOPLE, “Probably my favorite part of our relationship is that we’ve made a point to build something that we’re both passionate about and that we can do together.”

“And I don’t know if I’ve ever been in a relationship where I enjoy working with my significant other, but we made a point that this is something we want to do.” He continues, “it’s something that now we’re both really passionate about, so that helps our relationship.”

That didn’t mean that everyone thought they were making the right decision, though. Fletcher remembers getting advice about how there are two surefire ways to cause a breakup: Either remodel a home or go into business together. Rather than heed that advice, the pair decided to hedge their bets and do both. At the same time.

“We ended up doing all the things that people told us not to do right away,” Fletcher admits. “We somehow decided to put the two together and become Airbnb hosts and start remodeling Airbnbs. And we actually really enjoy it. … We didn’t kill each other.”

Rodgers takes it a step further saying, “It’s better. It helps our relationship, in a weird way.”

(Meanwhile, some of us are worrying about whether or not our relationships can survive a trip to IKEA.)

As fans of Bachelor Nation know, it’s not every day that a couple from the show actually makes it to the altar, but these two are on their way (if only Rodgers could get his guest list together.) “JoJo is on me because she’s way ahead of where I’m at,” he explains.

In their defense, they are exceptionally busy. They’ve got two television shows to worry about: Cash Pad and Battle of the Fittest Couples, not to mention Jordan’s gig as a college football analyst for ESPN’s SEC Now program on the SEC Network. And that’s on top of continuing to flip properties and plan a wedding.

Fletcher says of their relationship, “We have learned that we are good at juggling things.” She says that their ability to multi-task comes from experience, saying that the pair have been living like this for so long that they “can manage without feeling like our head’s underwater.” She adds, “We’re not in crazy stress mode right now. I don’t know if we need to be, but we’re pretty chill.”

Rodgers says with a laugh, “Until we blink and there’s two months until the wedding and we’re like, oh crap.”

The pair told PEOPLE that they have a date and a venue set and are hoping to move into their new home by Dec. 1. Fletcher says that she’s hoping to have the space ready in time to have family over for the holidays: “We would love to be able to host both our families at our new house for Christmas.” For a couple who manages to flip homes in the span of a week, it’s only natural that they’re hoping to speed up the process. She jokes, “That’s what I told my builder. I was like, have you seen Cash Pad?”

And while their relationship advice may be “break all of the rules,” they’ve also got practical advice for anyone who may be trying to prepare their homes for the holidays — especially those who are trying to revamp their short-term rental space. Here are their best tips and tricks:

  1. Give your home personality. If you’re a first-time host, getting creative with your listing name is everything. Consider what differentiates your accommodations from other listings in your neighborhood — do you have the only airstream with a pool? Play up this amenity with an attractive listing name such as, “Airstream Resort.”
  2. Tell a story by playing up the history. If your home has a historic story, embrace it and share it! Otherwise, guests are always enticed by the history of the place they’re visiting. So if your pad is within the vicinity of historic charm, include the location of nearby landmarks to visit.
  3. Eat and drink like a local. Be sure to share any nearby local establishments that offer a seasonal rotation of food and cocktails to optimize their experience.
  4. Anticipate The Digital Nomad. Inviting nooks and plentiful seating options are ideal for the year-round digital nomad traveler, who is working remotely from city to city. Solid Wi-Fi access is key and tout the closest and yummiest coffee bars in walking distance for a change of scenery and a chance to explore the local spots.
  5. Don’t be afraid to show your hosting style. Crazy about your garden? Incorporate your herbs, flowers, and more into your home for a unique-to-you touch that guests will remember and appreciate.
  6. Showcase local flavor. Consider providing a few locally-sourced treats (bonus points if they’re seasonal) for your guests to enjoy during their stay.
  7. Let’s get seasonal. The chill in the air, the changing color of leaves and football games are all anticipated this fall. Our key tips for aligning your home with the season is to think through the senses!
    • Scent is a great way to jump into the season with a diffuser or candle.
    • A faux fur blanket or throw option will fulfill that touch/texture sensory mode and make your place feel even cozier.
  8. Cool to cozy. When crispier days and chillier evenings are on the horizon, anticipate your guests’ needs. The colder seasons may require more room for luggage, coats, and maybe even storage for holiday gifts. Free up closet space for guests to help accommodate.
  9. Boost your curb appeal. Adding seasonal yet affordable touches like a few pumpkins on your porch front will make a visual impact.
  10. Falling for your listing. Speaking of seasons, visitors love to see the colors of the leaves change, so be sure to provide the best trails, drives, and parks to visit during their stay.