By People Staff
Updated July 02, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Another week, another front-runner cut down in his prime. Jeremy Anderson, 30, fell in love with the Bachelorette – a feeling that turns out wasn’t mutual – and wound up nursing a broken heart in Dallas. The real estate attorney called from Austin (where he had watched his final rose ceremony with friends) to discuss his many colorful nicknames, that awful limo ride and whether he found closure at the Men Tell All taping. He was also happy to report that he has since moved on and started dating again. –Carrie Bell

Watching your limo ride was truly painful television. Take us back to that day in the Bahamas. What was going through your head?I was sick to my stomach. I just didn’t want to throw up. I was just feeling shocked and that hasn’t worn off. There is no way to prepare yourself for something like this.

Seeing her at the Men Tell All taping was the first time you had seen her since you were sent home. How did you prepare to go face-to-face with her?I didn’t go into it with questions. I wanted everything to be spur of the moment. She seemed a lot different than the last time I saw her. She is normally really sweet to everybody, but some of the comments she was making on the Men Tell All were very off for her. She was definitely not her normal overly nice self.

Did you get the answers you were hoping for when you went to the taping? What I really wanted to know was, when she let me go, she told me that she knew once I told her I was falling for her that she knew right then that she was going to have to let me go. If you knew then, why would you give me the date card to spend the night with you? She dodged the question. I could never understand why she would do that if she didn’t want to lead anybody on. That’s the worst kind of lead on you can do. I don’t really want to spend anymore time with you but I’m going to go ahead and spend the night with you.

You got the first First Impression rose, you lived in her house for the first two weeks, she gave you lots of special one-on-one attention. Do you think she forced you to peak early?Her throwing me out in the front made me take a more aggressive approach. I didn’t want to sit back and get comfortable. I think it also pushed a lot of the other guys to do things they didn’t normally do… like getting up when DeAnna walked into the room. The guys stepped up their game because they saw this guy who had solid footing in the top but he still works hard.

Many of the guys and the Internet blogs have been ruthless in regard to you, comparing you to American Psycho and calling you Captain D-bag. I don’t read the blogs anymore. I did at first but they were harsh. I heard about that American Psycho comment. I am a huge fan of Christian Bale. So when anytime someone says American Psycho, I actually don’t mind it. The who are blogging and watching are only seeing what they are supposed to see. There is obviously more to every person than what you see on the show.

Did you think there was a good chance you would fall in love when you started the show?I wouldn’t leave my law firm and travel halfway across the country for just some shot at love. I liked what I saw of DeAnna and what I heard about her. This was a girl who could get the way I think and where I am coming from. I didn’t have expectations that it would work out in the beginning, but I definitely had hope that there was a chance. That’s what drove me to do it.

Did you really fall in love with her or were you caught up in the moment?I was in love. The second I saw her when I got out of the limo that first night, it was genuine and real. There were all these camera crews and her handler and producers and everyone around and when I looked up and saw her it was like, boom, everything just went away. I bonded with her and when it was over, it was just over and you can’t tell anyone what happened and all the while you are dying on the inside. You can’t share your pain in order to move on. I’ve had to hide the fact that my heart was broken for months. Talk about a nightmare.

What was your family’s reaction when they found out you didn’t get a rose?I’m in Austin right now. I watched it with a bunch of from my law firm and friends. I haven’t spoken to my brothers today. They called once while we’ve been on the phone. I think they were both geared up. They read the blogs and the blogs do a pretty good job of painting the picture. They were ready for it. They will still be sad because they knew I was in it for the right reasons and my heart was in it.

Looking back, do you think DeAnna was The One?No. I think initially I thought she could be The One, and that’s why I allowed to feel the things that I did and why things progressed the way they did. But watching it and seeing both sides of the coin, I realized you see what you want to see.

Have you started dating again?I have started seeing someone. It was tough to go through in the beginning and it was tough to get back out there. You can’t date while the show is going on.

Would you do it over again?Definitely. It was the most enlightening thing I’ve ever done. There were lots of tough moments, but I probably took more out of it than anyone. It was really easy for me to discuss certain matters… that, at the beginning, you couldn’t force me to open up about.

Craig Sjodin/ABC