By People Staff
June 12, 2009 12:00 AM
Kevin Foley/ABC

After Dayton, Ohio, trucking contractor David Good, 27, earned the first impression rose from Jillian Harris on the first night of The Bachelorette with a stuttering, shy-ish introduction, his remaining impressions seemed populated mostly by proclamations of “man code” violations, alcohol-fueled aggression, profanity and forwardness. Now that he’s out of the running, Dave tries to redeem himself by coming clean to PEOPLE about his strategic jitters and explaining the drama. — Carrie Bell

What has it been like watching yourself on TV?It was upsetting because there is a lot more to me than what you saw on TV and as far as I’m concerned, it was a loss for the show and for me as a person. There was a reason I got the first impression rose and the Globetrotters picked me. I am a very comical. I had her cracking up. I was cutting up with every single guy and befriending the guys and the producers. I am upbeat and outgoing. I don’t even think Juan would say that he disrespects David Good. But what can I do about it except say that this isn’t who I am and do an interview to save face?

Let’s start with the first impression rose. Were you really tongue-tied the first night? No, I was not! I am never at a loss for words, never have been but there are 25 guys and you gotta try to stand out. I am a confident, borderline cocky person, I admit that, but I thought getting out of the car and acting like that would turn her off and have not like David Good. I thought the best idea for me was to act nervous and starstruck. I don’t really know how to do that so I just flat out said it … She called me out on it later and we laughed. She was like, “You were so lying about that!” It was a little bit of strategy.

On your last group date, you got a little aggressive with Jillian. Had you reached your tipping point or had too much to drink?There was more behind the scenes as far as aggressive goes. I was the last guy on the whole show to even go in for a kiss. Pretty much everybody had kissed her. Our conversation just before that, we had been talking about kissing. So when I went in and she turned her cheek, it was funny and we laughed about. It wasn’t nearly as aggressive as it looked.

What about your aggressiveness toward Juan?That was blown up as well. I wouldn’t hang out with Juan if we were to see each other out. I was not the only guy who didn’t like Juan, but I was the guy they showed the most because I was the most outspoken. That all happened really late in the night after I had some alcohol. We had been in the house together for almost a month and it came to a head. I said, “I want to kill Juan,” but that doesn’t mean I want to kill Juan.

Do you think alcohol was at the root of this problem?Absolutely. When you lock 20 guys in a house, take away the TVs and everything else and stock a full liquor bar, personalities are gonna come out. And rose ceremonies are very long … and there are drinks provided the whole time. It had something to do with the way that everybody acted, but I’m not making an excuse for the way I acted. I had to call my grandparents and apologize to them after they watched.

So who is the real David Good?I grew up in the country and am as blue-collar as they come. I grew up around truck drivers and steel factories. I’m an old school kind of guy. I like Merle Haggard. Bobby Knight is one of my favorite coaches. I don’t put lotion on my hands. I don’t wear pink shirts. My family knows who I am but for them and their friends to see me being that way on TV was embarrassing so I thought I should call all of them. They weren’t upset, but I owed them that.

Has being on the show affected your dating life?It has not hindered my dating. It is funny. When I go out, I hear groups of girls say my name and wonder if it’s me. It will be very tentative. They are nervous to say anything to me and I think it is because of the way I was portrayed. Then they come up and I talk to them for a little bit and they’re like, “Wow. You’re nothing like you were on the show. You were such a jerk. I told all my friends I hated you.” It just goes to show — don’t believe everything you see on TV. Kevin Foley/ABC