June 03, 2008 12:00 AM

A famous friend, a big secret reveal, a faked mechanical bull injury and an underwear contest were just some of the highlights from last night’s Bachelorette before DeAnna was forced to narrow the field of suitors from 12 to nine this week. But her search for love yielded several memorable moments…

Inspector Gadget: No respectable dating competition is complete if the men don’t drop trou, so DeAnna took the men to meet her famous friend, Ellen Degeneres, on the set of her talk show. The comedian instituted a dance-off (watch the clip) — so much white man’s overbite, so little time! — and made them to drop their pants and expose their Ellen logo boxer briefs. Ellen’s assessment? Jesse’s the “most fun,” Jeremy the “most willing to commit right now.” She also raised a red flag about Graham’s lack of relationship experience. Ellen, who was given the power to bestow a rose, then tortured the men by walking back and forth carrying a boom box blaring the rose ceremony instrumental until she landed on Fred, whose Q&A responses impressed her.

Richard’s Rule of 80/20: Despite sharing a private dinner on the rooftop of a skyscraper and a romantic carriage ride, the first single date of the episode was no Cinderella story for Richard. The science teacher from upstate New York explained his 80/20 rule: “I’ll lean in my 80 percent and see if I get the 20 percent back from her.” Let’s just emphasize Richard is a science teacher, not a mathlete. When he awkwardly made his approach with a true-false question about taking risks for love, he failed to seal the deal–and had to settle for an uncomfortable cheek skim with his finger. Richard got this equation, though: zero chemistry = no rose. From the Outhouse to the Penthouse: Paul, Graham and Jeremy headed up the hill to spend the week living with DeAnna. First on the agenda? A pool party, of course. (This is a dating reality program after all.) There were plenty of hard bodies to choose from, but Graham’s abs in particular seemed catch DeAnna’s attention: “I want him to spend the rest of the time in my house without his shirt off.” Female viewers everywhere crossed their fingers and said a little prayer to help make it happen.

The Bull Factor: Ten men got decked out in boots, hats and western wear to spend a day at the ranch with DeAnna. During the line-dancing lesson, the instructor mocked Paul’s short legs. When the group moved onto the mechanical bull competition, Jesse managed to stay on the longest to score the most one-on-one time with DeAnna. He used it wisely, showing his serious side and claiming that he wanted a girlfriend who was more than “an arm doll.” DeAnna faked an injury as she fell off the bull and all her dates came running except Ron, who got the unfortunate label of being ungentlemanly.

Ty One On: Jason scored the second solo date and was whisked away by helicopter to the Mt. Wilson Observatory. During dinner, he finally finally came clean to DeAnna and dropped the “S” bomb: “There is one thing you don’t know about me. I have a 3-year-old son, Ty. I know that’s a lot to throw at you.” DeAnna froze mid-chew and her eyes grew wide. But DeAnna got over it, and Jason ultimately scored points by asking her about her mom’s death. DeAnna gave Jason a rose and kisses and, later, a certificate explaining that she named a star after Ty.

Mr. Conf-RON-tation: Ron, the St. Louis barber, continued his anti-Jeremy movement and this time our Bachelorette called him on it during his date-night alone time, saying he had crossed a line. She still gave Mr. Anger Management Issues the chance to woo her at the rose ceremony pre-party, asking him to tell her something fun. His response: “Where do you want me to begin? Everything about me is fun.” He was sent packing, which made him–you guessed it–MAD. Ron’s final jab: “If Jeremy is the guy for her, I wish her the best but it is absolutely doomed to fail.” Crazy Canadian Paul was also denied a boutonniere, which crushed his spirit. “I wore my heart on my sleeve. I was beginning to fall in love. That’s the toughest part … she didn’t feel the feeling back. Was it something about me?” –Carrie Bell

So what was the highlight of last night’s Bachelorette? Which guy is the standout so far?

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