took the opportunity to smack each bachelor’s behind as they loaded onto a luxury train in Vancouver on Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette, which narrowed the playing field from eight to five men.

Liquid Discourage: The bucolic and snowy splendor of the Canadian Rockies was the perfect place for romance unless you’re Robby, who got the first individual date and attempted to have a Cocktail moment when he tried to teach Jillian some fancy shaker moves. During dinner in the caboose, he was too honest for his own good, admitting to a family marriage curse, a small vocabulary and a long romantic dry spell. Jillian withheld the rose and dropped him off in the middle of “the Canadian wilderness.”

Snakes on a Train: Wes swooped in to make her feel better but confessed to the camera that he has a hidden agenda. “There’s no doubt this is going to help me,” he said of being on the show. “I got records to sell. I’ll always have Jillian wrapped around my finger.” While Jillian didn’t pick up on his opportunism, more of the guys are figuring out his ulterior motives.

After snowshoeing to a cabin on Emerald Lake for the group date, Jake noticed how defensive Wes got when Tanner came clean about warning Jillian about a possible girlfriend. Yet he still didn’t feel the need to mention his suspicions to her during his private time by the fire pit. He also failed to tell her his feelings or sneak a smooch.

He eventually told her the next morning but Kiptyn immediately pulled her away for himself and did everything Jake failed to do, which garnered him the rose. When the topic of conversation turned to what sleep in, Tanner exposed his skivvies. Jillian admired the “huge” package and let him massage her feet. Unfortunately, he couldn’t carry on a serious conversation when toes come out, and that obviously hurt him.

Third Date’s a Charm: Reid, who found himself alone and stuck in the car during the group outing, solicited opinions about what to wear on his date from the staff. He worried that he wasn’t a perfect snowboarder and reminded Jillian that he didn’t celebrate Christmas when she used it as a way to describe her fantasy relationship. He was mortified by her disregard for proper produce cleaning protocol during fondue. And after all that, and his confession that she wasn’t his normal type, she gave him immunity at the rose ceremony.

Two For the Road: The train pulled into Banff, where Jillian cut two more suitors. When she called Wes’s name, she missed the looks of disdain the other men exchanged. She pulled Michael aside to make sure he was ready for marriage and kids and despite having earlier said there was no physical attraction, she kept him. This sent the foot fetishist home and into a tirade of f-bombs and grounded the pilot. Jake asked what he did wrong and she had no answer. “I laid down my heart,” he said in a heartbreaking exit. “Nice guys finish last. Story of my life. I was blindsided.” — Carrie Bell

Tell us: Did Jillian make the right decision? How long will Wes last? Would Jake make a good Bachelor?