By People Staff
June 10, 2008 12:00 AM

Forget rose ceremonies! This may have been the most dramatic Bachelorette episode ever between the barbecue meltdown, the double-date double rejection, withheld kisses and a mid-rose ceremony pool party. Three more men may have had to forget about a future with DeAnna, but they’ll always have these priceless memories:

Bachelorette Idol: The suitors were given 20 minutes to write a song for DeAnna–and then forced to perform it for her. Whoever wrote her favorite song would be rewarded with a one-on-one that night. The men were sweating it. Jesse wanted to hit Chris Harrison. (Don’t punch the messenger!) Graham would rather “eat glass,” while Sean would rather “dig his own grave.” Brian, on the other hand, loved the challenge. While most guys went with some sort of spoken-word song or pseudo-rap, Brian got in touch with his inner John Mayer and wrote “House Of My Pain: It’s What We’re Living In.” It was hard to tell if the other dudes were choking down chuckles or admired his commitment to the music. (Twilley covering the song Meatloaf-style during the end credits was not to be missed.) In the end, DeAnna voted Jesse victorious because he “really put himself out there and made physical contact.” … And They’re Off to the Races!: This week’s group date was a trip to the racetrack. Twilley, Jeremy, Graham, Sean, Brian and Jason got three laps each to see who could clock the fastest speed in a stock car. Jeremy’s competitive streak flared up slightly in front of DeAnna when he lost to Graham, who hadn’t driven in two years, and Twilley who suffers from motion sickness. But Sean, whose new haircut is really working for him, prevailed at 141.11 mph and got doused in champagne and some alone time as a reward. Sean thought it went well commenting, “In the race for Deanna’s heart I was running behind but after today I might have pole position,” Sean said after getting good vibes from his one-on-one with DeAnna. He walked away with the date’s immunity rose. Also going neck-and-neck with Sean was Graham–though he almost blew it with a jealous display. DeAnna asked for a kiss and he straight-up refused, saying, ‘I don’t want to be one on a bunch. I can’t get past her sharing something I felt was special with other .” Miffed, DeAnna’s again had a Brad flashback.

Pitiful Party: The outhouse boys took matters into their own hands and planned a barbecue at their place and invited DeAnna. To screw with DeAnna’s house boys, they set up a kiddie table, made unflattering place cards and gave Robert the chef hat expecting him to mind the grill. Robert failed to rise to the occasion, tossing chairs and going inside to lie down. Bothered by any attention she gave to the others, Graham also avoided DeAnna. Her anxiety grew as she felt more ignored until she finally blew up: “Right now I should be the happiest person in the world and you’re all breaking my heart. I know how hard it is to know I am going on dates with other guys and kissing other guys. If you can’t handle it, go home.” She then did just that, leaving the guys feeling guilty and sad.

No Rose for You … or You: Robert and Fred set off for their two-on-one dinner date in the Hollywood Hills, knowing there was another immunity rose at stake. Robert tried to monopolize the conversation, knowing he had a lot to atone for from the garden party. It was hard to watch when he later remarked: “I’m a big believer that the passion side of a relationship can be felt in the first kiss, so can I kiss you?” He should have known his fate the instant she did the dodge and offered only cheek, but instead he seemed downright shocked when she told him he wouldn’t be getting the rose because she did not feel “the connection or chemistry.” He shed a single tear, explaining that he was not “used to rejection.” Fred, as well as the audience, thought he was sitting pretty, but DeAnna returned and cut him loose as well. She said she did not want to lead him on because she “simply did not see forever with” him. DeAnna didn’t take this cut very well, but Friend Zone Fred let her off the hook like the class act he was known for being. “You don’t have to be sorry. I want you to be happy.” With those two out, Jason caught a lucky break as the only man left in the big house, He swooped in and saved the day with a post-double oust cuddle and talk. He was compensated with some fireside heavy petting and eventually the first rose at the ceremony.

Brian’s Swan Song: During his day at the races, Brian predicted his own fate saying: “I’m on the outside of this house looking in.” He blamed his excessive male bonding and lack of one-on-one time. Sad to see Brian go as he was becoming a zinger machine. Best crack of the night came when the lucky trio went to the mansion for the week and Brian commented, “We are losing our cook, our comic relief and Jason.” – Carrie Bell

Tell us: Which guy are you sorry to see go this week?