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Jillian whisked the remaining 10 bachelors away to the winter wonderland that is Whistler. Unfortunately this week, real world issues invaded the fairy tale that is The Bachelorette.

Like Mike: The breakdancer finally scored a one-on-one date when Jillian took him zip-lining to determine if there was a romantic connection. He tried a little too hard, but we’re glad he’s around for comedic value. After last week’s dramatic girlfriend accusations, Jillian has become noticeably more suspicious and asked tough questions about what brought him to the show during an intimate dinner in a wine cellar. He was open about his last relationship and his intense attraction to her, which earned him another week to woo.

Snow Date: Eight men went snowmobiling for the group outing, with some of them pairing up and squeezing each other for safety. Robby was lucky enough to ride with Jill but our equal opportunity adventurer took the driver’s seat. During a private moment, he apologized for his emotional (albeit valid) outburst at the last kickoff and said he was ready to settle down despite his young age. Tattletale Tanner backtracked and refused to call Wes out by name fearing he’d “make enemies,” which did not please Jillian. However, she did give him a flower.

Still Swooning: Wes managed to work his upcoming CD into the conversation at least three times while explaining what path to the show and his unanticipated feelings for Jillian. If the mini-makeout session was any indication, she seemed to buy it. She claimed she would be able to tell if he had a girlfriend, but she’s seemed blinded by the lite-FM. Plus, he looked guilty eavesdropping from the second floor. Kiptyn also received his fair share of kisses when the gang retired to a secluded lodge for the evening.

Career Comes First: Ed was given an ultimatum by his boss: Stay for love or come home immediately and stay employed. Jillian gave him a date rose to convince him staying was worth it. Despite saying he’d stick around if she dropped the right hints, he called her in to say he was leaving. She was immediately reduced to tears and seemed taken aback by his request to keep his rose as a souvenir. Maybe this is foreshadowing his return? She made him promise not to choose work over love when he did find the one and went on a solitary gondola ride and mountain hike to nurse her broken heart.

Cool As Ice: Jesse got the second solo date. Hot tubs and flights in small crafts make our Bachelorette frisky, and this date had both. They flew to an isolated glacier where they spent the day making snow angels, tossing each other into the powder, sharing feelings and swapping spit. Jesse declared it the best date, best kiss and best day he’d ever had. At dinner, viewers learned that Jesse was ready to have children and got turned on by Jillian’s voice.

Enough Already: So over Jillian dancing on bars. Just because you are drinking at a flat surface does not mean you need to pull an Ugly Coyote. Also quit knocking your body. You cannot call yourself fat and then look that awesome in a bathing suit! (And how adorable was that tartan-kini?) And to the production team, we don’t need the highlight footage from a show segment we watched an hour ago. Thanks.

One For the Road: Because Ed took himself out of contention, Jillian only had to eliminate one more suitor and it was Mark. He looked like he could shoot daggers from his eyes, but later offered Jillian a place to stay anytime she found herself in Denver. “I’ve always struggled with relationships,” he said. “I’ve been cheated on four times. I have a wall that had to be broken down.” He also alluded to others not being as honest with Jillian as he had been, swore he did not have a girlfriend and (in a subtle swipe at Wes) was not there to sell records. — Carrie Bell

Tell us: Will Ed return? Were you happy or sad to see Mark go? Do you think someone is still lying about a girlfriend?Adam Larkey/ABC