Hannah Brown has no problem standing up for herself


The drama is just getting started on this season of The Bachelorette.

In a sneak peek from Monday’s episode, tensions between the men hit an all-time high while fighting for Hannah Brown‘s heart.

In the clip, Cam Ayala remains on the men’s bad side after crashing last week’s group date.

“Calculated Cam has a hidden agenda,” says one suitor.

But Cam is having a hard time understanding why the guys don’t want to be his friend.

“People are questioning my integrity,” he says, in tears.

Meanwhile, frontrunner Luke Parker appears to be falling from grace. During a cocktail hour, Hannah confronts him about his attitude.

“You’re cocky and I don’t like that,” she tells him after he says he’s “tired of waiting” to talk to her.

Hannah Brown Luke P.
Hannah Brown and Luke Parker
| Credit: John Fleenor/ABC

And the other men are starting to take notice, too.

“Luke’s slowly self-imploding,” says one contestant.

While Brown is the first to admit she has her hands full in sorting through the remaining men as she looks for love and marriage, one thing is for certain: She knows how to stand her ground and stand up for herself.

In the season’s trailer, Hannah tells off one overbearing suitor who seemingly tried to boss her around.

“You don’t own me,” Hannah says to the man in question. “You don’t get to decide what I can and can’t do, because first of all you’re not my husband and even my husband, the person I’m going to be with is going to allow me to be my own person.”

The Bachelorette - Hannah Brown
Credit: ABC

The trailer also shows the outspoken Bachelorette describing another judgmental date, quickly asserting herself as as a strong and independent woman among a mansion full of men.

“I believe that sex was made for a man and a woman in marriage, but I am having physical relationships and honestly, I have had sex and Jesus still loves me,” Brown says in this season’s trailer. “How dare I be judged by a man?”

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.