The ousted bachelor also discusses his surprise at being eliminated

By Melody Chiu
June 28, 2013 01:00 PM
Craig Sjodin/ABC

The men on this season of The Bachelorette have bickered pretty much from the start, but one contender, Mikey Tenerelli, has been especially vocal about his distaste for single dad Ben Scott.

The plumbing contractor, 30, from Glen Ellyn, Ill., spoke to reporters on a conference call Thursday to discuss his thoughts on Ben, his conversation with James about being the next Bachelor and why he thinks he got eliminated.

Do you have any regrets about getting so angry about Ben? Do you think it distracted you from Des at all?
I don’t think he distracted me from Des. I think that the time I had with Des, I cleared my mind and I just concentrated on her and I. I don’t regret anything. If I feel like someone’s double-crossing me, or if I feel like someone’s lying or hiding things, I just have to air it out. I’m pretty much the guy that called him out and made the whole house aware of what was going on.

Drew told the other guys he overheard a conversation you had with James, in which James mentioned he could potentially be the next bachelor if he made it to the top four. What really happened?
James and I were on the group date together in Germany on the mountaintop. As you recall, Brooks got the group date rose. I was good friends with James on the show, so him and I talked afterwards. We both felt like we had a really good shot at getting that group date rose. So when Brooks got it, I was upset. James and I were talking on the way back in the car, and I was just kind of airing it out. What we said was, “Hey, we hope this works out. If it doesn’t, we both live in Chicago; we’ll have a good time in the summer.” I did mention the fact that I have a boat, and we’ll take it out. It was a normal conversation. There was no mention of who’s going to be the next Bachelor, anything like that.

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When you had your time with Desiree, and you were talking about making a little snow family with five or 10 kids, do you think that scared her a little?
I think from the conversations that I’ve had with her, we both agreed that we would like big families. I don’t think that the five kid discussion bothered her at all. I think she started to pick up on the fact that I wasn’t just willing to pick up and leave. The answer I gave her in Germany was that if we would love each other, we’ll make it work. I didn’t give a definite answer, and I think that was really what got me eliminated in Germany.

Were you surprised when you got eliminated?
I was definitely surprised. I was looking forward to getting a one-on-one. I felt like I offered enough and brought enough to the table where she would have wanted to spend the full day with me.

Des chose to forgo the cocktail party and just go straight into the rose ceremony. Were you a little insulted she didn’t give you more time to get to know one another or were you relieved she let you go when she did?
I definitely was frustrated why not spend another 20, 30 minutes with me? I was angry about it. I wanted to get more time at the cocktail party. But at the same time, from what I know about Des, once she makes her mind up, she makes her mind up.

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Bryden chose to quit the show. Could you guys sense he was unsure about his feelings for Des, or did that come as a surprise to everyone?
Bryden’s decision came up in Atlantic City. That’s when he started doubting the process [and] his connection with Desiree. I was totally shocked. I considered him to be a front-runner. I thought they had a good connection. Bryden is a very up-front and honest person. I know that when he got on the plane from Atlantic City to Germany he still saw a chance for things to work out. If he didn’t, he never would’ve gotten on that plane.