Everything to Know About the New Bachelorette Charity Lawson

Get to know the new leading lady of The Bachelorette, who was a former contestant on Zach Shallcross' season of The Bachelor

THE BACHELOR - ABC’s “The Bachelor” stars Charity. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
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Meet the upcoming star of The Bachelorette.

Although Charity Lawson's run as a contestant on Zach Shallcross' season of The Bachelor didn't end with a final rose, she now holds the power of the flower in her hands as the newly named leading lady of ABC's dating reality show.

The exciting news came when host Jesse Palmer asked the Georgia native during the Women Tell All special if she'd like to step into the titular role on season 20 of The Bachelorette. Upon her initial shock and disbelief, Lawson emotionally accepted the sought-after offer.

"Absolutely!" Lawson said breaking into tears. "100 percent! I've waited forever to find the love of my life," she added. "It blows my mind that I could meet my person and be engaged and literally have my happily ever after."

Lawson's time on The Bachelor came to an end during the franchise's anticipated hometown episode. The dating hopeful introduced her beau to her family and ultimately told Shallcross that she was "honestly falling in love" with him.

However, her feelings were not reciprocated by Shallcross. "You deserve all the love," he told Lawson. "I couldn't give it to you," he explained as he sent her home after the rose ceremony. He later recalled that moment, describing the choice as "the hardest decision I've had to make."

Now, Lawson looks forward to finding her happily ever after. Moreover, "I can't wait to show little girls that look like me being in a position like this is possible," she continued. "I know that I'll be making a lot of people proud."

Here's everything to know about Lawson, the star of The Bachelorette season 20!

She was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia

All About the New Bachelorette Charity Lawson
Charity Lawson/instagram

Lawson is a Georgia native who was born to David and Vickie, one of their three children. She grew up in the city of Columbus, where she attended high school.

Her older brother, Nehemiah, works in dentistry. Fans were first introduced to Lawson's big bro during the hometown visits on The Bachelor. He was shown to be protective of his little sister, cautioning her that "there's other women involved."

She also has an older sister, Amiyaka, who keeps a low profile.

She graduated from Auburn University

All About the New Bachelorette Charity Lawson
Charity Lawson/instagram

Lawson earned a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling from Auburn University in May 2022. She described her time in college as one of the best experiences of her life, crediting her professors, friends and memories.

"The joy that comes with obtaining a degree the second time around is so much sweeter when you gain confirmation that it is exactly one of the things God has called you to do," she wrote on Instagram. "The last two years has challenged me every single day in the areas of personal growth, but also in my professional identity as a therapist."

She works as a child and family therapist

All About the New Bachelorette Charity Lawson
Charity Lawson/instagram

Lawson works as a therapist at a child advocacy center. Her fields of interest include trauma, child developmental disorders, anxiety, veterans, couples, and families, according to her LinkedIn.

"This field of work is so beautiful, and I'm passionate about always advocating for mental health in today's society," she wrote on Instagram upon graduating. "One of the most powerful tools we as humans have is our minds, it's important we treat it as such, and take care of it."

She likes to travel

All About the New Bachelorette Charity Lawson
Charity Lawson/instagram

Although she was born and raised in Georgia, Lawson seeks adventure. According to her numerous Instagram posts, she's traveled to various destinations all over the map and has shared beautiful sites with her followers.

Some of the places she's explored include Château de Versailles in France and states such as Illinois, Washington D.C. and North Carolina.

She knows what she wants in a life partner

All About the New Bachelorette Charity Lawson
Charity Lawson/instagram

According to ABC's bio, Lawson is "searching for a life partner who loves dogs, thrifting and a good tailgate; but, above all else, is honest, empathetic and values her for who she is." Like her parents, who have been married for over 47 years, Lawson "has been instilled with the confidence of knowing what she deserves and is eager to find a lasting love matching their example."

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