Ashley Hebert lets three men go – but admits she's still thinking about Bentley
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

It was easily the most action-packed episode to date.

The Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert, enjoyed a one-on-one date in Thailand complete with fire-breathing dancers, and a group date in which several of her suitors literally fought for her attention in a boxing ring, with one even being sent to the hospital.

But it was the men whom Ashley let go – and a secret she revealed to Chris Harrison – that brought the real fireworks Monday night. (Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

On a two-on-one date with William and Ben C. (in which one man is expected to be dumped), William reveals to Ashley that Ben has indicated his interest in pursuing online dating after he leaves the show. In an out-of-character cutthroat moment, Ashley promptly asks him to leave.

Then, when William (who previously hurt her feelings and betrayed her trust on an ill-fated comedy club date) gets comfortable with his newly one-on-one date evening with Ashley, she dumps him, too.

“I am the world’s biggest … jackass,” says a dejected William.

And though Ashley cuts a third bachelor – Nick, the personal trainer from Tampa – in the rose ceremony, she also admits to being fixated on another man who left the show early.

“I’m still thinking about Bentley … and what could have been,” she says of the man who broke her heart and ultimately humiliated her.

“I need to stop. In the back of my head it sits there and I try to repress it but my heart always goes back. In times that I need comfort, I think about him.”

Looks like things could get even more explosive: Teasers indicate that she’ll get her chance to see Bentley once more on next week’s episode.