Get off-camera scoop on Chris Harrison, Courtney, Shawntel and Casey's ex-boyfriend

By Carrie Bell
Updated March 06, 2012 01:30 PM

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette specials are edited together from clips of a marathon day of alcohol-fueled bickering, bawling, bad-mouthing and broken hearts. And The Women Tell All installment for Ben Flajnik’s season, which taped Feb. 24 in Hollywood, did not disappoint when it aired Monday.

It was the first time a contender still in the running for the final rose appeared on the reunion and, considering the fireworks that occurred when the women confronted Courtney, it was well worth it.

As controversial and dramatic as it played out on television, there were memorable moments (and even more profanity, courtesy of the “chihuahua” Samantha) that did not air. As Blakeley told PEOPLE after the show, “It was pretty darn crazy in there.” Here are five things you didn’t see on TV:

1. The host was sick: Chris Harrison knows the show must go on even when he has the flu. His decreased stamina and fading voice led to more chaos than usual, but even a sick host has a breaking point. When Casey was defending Courtney, someone blurted out that she was only sticking up for her because “she’s getting you modeling gigs.” Harrison replied, “When you slide your jabs in and talk over each other, you are no better than the girl you are slamming.”

2. Stuck in the spotlight: In the middle of Courtney’s emotional segment, Harrison felt faint and retreated to his dressing room for 30 minutes, leaving the mopey model in the hot seat. But a field producer came over to comfort her. Their brief conversation included mentions of cigarettes, smeared makeup and what she wanted to say. As her tears dried up, she thanked the producer. “I’m a deer in headlights,” she said. “I’m glad you came out here. You made me feel better. I’m not feeling emotional now.”

3. A concerned grandmother: Shawntel revealed that the negative comments about her wide hips and thick thighs when she returned to the show hurt her feelings and made her grandma worry. “She called me the night the show aired and said, ‘You’re going to eat tomorrow, right?’ ” Shawntel said.

4. It’s all an act: Jennifer gave a demonstration (which spanned the entire length of the studio floor) of Shawntel’s (“offensive,” according to numerous contestants) entrance the night she returned to woo Ben. “I’ve been practicing the walk,” Jennifer said. She also showed of her anti-Courtney T-shirt that looked like a play on the Ghostbusters logo.

5. Casey is single. Ben said he regretted Casey’s barefoot exit when it was discovered she might still be in love with her ex, but there was no official update on her romantic status. After the show, however, she told her side of the story exclusively to PEOPLE.

According to Casey, her relationship ended when she left for The Bachelor. She is no longer dating the man in question but she says he now wants to get married. “I was completely livid with Michael for intruding on me trying to move on. He ruined that opportunity for me,” she said. “He’s apologized a lot for that and I’ve tried to accept that. … I want to do my own thing and have fun. It feels convenient that he’s suddenly ready for marriage when he sees me moving on very publicly. If he’s still saying the same thing in two years, then we can revisit the issue.”

And what about the shoes? She got them back about a month later.