Craig Sjodin/Abc
March 02, 2012 04:20 PM

 Before the rose comes the thorns.

As Bachelor Ben Flajnik sat looking mostly befuddled, the women who had vied for his love attack each other in ABC’s Women Tell All, with everybody’s favorite villainous model Courtney Robertson showing a rare chastened side.

In a sneak peak of Monday’s program, rejected Blakeley Shea confronts Robertson – who is still in the running going into the March 19 finale – for calling Shea a “stripper,” then proceeding to go skinny dipping with Flajnik.

“I just wish you would retract some things you said about me,” says Blakely, who then snaps at the other women who are all weighing in at the same time. “I’m talking to her right now, not you guys.”

On the verge of tears, Robertson’s gaze wanders, much to Shea’s chagrin.

“Courtney, I’m tying to be nice to you and you’re not even looking at me,” says Shea, a VIP waitress. “I wanted you to say: Blakeley, I really take that back and say, I’m sorry.”

Struggling to speak, Robertson, 28, says, “I take it all back.”

At another moment, it’s Shea who gets an earful, this time from Samantha Levey, also sent home by Flajnik.

“Why are so many of us such good friends, yet you couldn’t be friends?” asks Levey, an advertising account manager.

“Because I’m a lot older than you and I’m more mature than you and I don’t bother myself with small-minded people,” answers Shea.

The 26-year-old Levey counters that the 34-year-old Shea is just a bully.

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