The fertility nurse called it her "insurance policy" on Good Morning America

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
March 26, 2015 12:35 PM

World News Videos | US News VideosIf anybody would know the benefit of freezing one’s eggs, it would be The Bachelor‘s Whitney Bischoff.

The fertility nurse from Chicago opened up about her decision to freeze her eggs on Good Morning America on Thursday, calling the procedure an “insurance policy.”

“The hope is that you don’t have to use them,” said Bischoff, 29. “You know? I mean, that’s the whole point of an insurance policy. You don’t ever want to have to use it. But if you need it, that’s when it’s there.”

When asked about whether her fiancé, former Bachelor and current Dancing with the Stars contestant Chris Soules, knows about whether she has frozen some of her eggs, Bischoff explained that it was more or less implied. “It’s just kind of expected, because this is what I do for work,” she said.

Bischoff still works at aParent IVF, a fertility lab near Chicago. The specific procedure – vitrification – was performed when she was 27.

“Every woman should have the option and the education of what the scenario is and what the options are with regard to egg-freezing,” said Dr. Brian Kaplan, a fertility specialist at Bischoff’s workplace. “I think it’s applicable to any woman in her 20s or 30s who’s thinking forward about her fertility potential and that wants to sustain her reproductive age because there’s such a drop-off in pregnancy rates as women get older.”

Bischoff shares the same attitude: “I just felt it would be silly of me not to take the opportunity when it was handed to me,” she said. “You’re seeing it every single day firsthand, and you hear patients say, ‘I wish I would have known. I wish someone would have told me.’ ”

Anyone who watched this season of The Bachelor knows that Bischoff is more than ready to settle down and start having children with Soules. Indeed, as Soules revealed to PEOPLE, he is “ready to be a dad. I’m 33. I think I’m past due!”