"It feels like getting the wind knocked outta ya. Although not curable, we are all thankful it's treatable with Chemo-started today!" the former Bachelor contestant wrote
Tia Booth
Credit: Tia Booth/Instagram

Tia Booth revealed on Tuesday that her dad, Kenny Booth, has stage 4 colon cancer

The former Bachelor contestant, 29, opened up about the family matter via Instagram by sharing a photo of herself wearing a sweatshirt that read: "Hey cancer, f--- you, you f------ f---." The upload was also accompanied by a silly video of her father dancing. 

"HEY CANCER🗣In early March, my Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer and it's taken me since then to even wrap my mind around it," she captioned the post. "Cancer is a nasty little word and when it affects someone you love, it feels like getting the wind knocked outta ya. Although not curable, we are all thankful it's treatable with Chemo-started today!" 

Tia continued, "Dad said it was boring, but he had a tv, ice water & a recliner so he had it made🤪. If you wonder why I handle stress with humor, there it is. Hoping for minimal side effects and that he'll handle treatment like a champ — so far so good! We will gladly take any good vibes & prayers not only for him, but also his medical team as he goes through treatment." 

Tia Booth
Kenny Booth and Tia Booth
| Credit: Tia Booth/instagram

The reality star said that she chose to open up about her father's battle because she does "truly believe in the power of prayer." 

"I know it's heavy to post, but sometimes life slaps you in the face to make you realize what's important," she wrote, before adding, "I love you, @kenny.booth #butalso #f---cancer."

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Tia received supportive messages from many fellow Bachelor Nation stars. Raven Gates noted how much "love" she has for her pal and their family, adding that she's "praying daily" for Tia's dad. Ashley Iaconetti, meanwhile, wrote that she's "sending positivity to you, your dad and your family." Blake Horstmann dropped multiple red heart emojis while Lesley Murphy commented, "Wrapping your family in nothing but love and prayer."

Julie LaPlaca, a supervising producer for The Bachelor franchise, expressed her empathy for Tia's situation as she opened up about a similar crisis that occurred within her own family. 

"So sorry friend, prayer is powerful and so is the mind. My dad is feeling better than ever after being diagnosed with an 'incurable' cancer over 4 years ago," she replied to Tia's post. "Your dad will do the same I can tell from that smile, attitude, and beautiful family he has surrounding him ❤️❤️❤️."

Colon cancer is the third most common form of cancer that's diagnosed annually in the United States in men and women, according to the American Cancer Society. The organization reports that there's an estimated 104,270 new cases of colon cancer in America as of 2021, but the diagnosis rate has decreased yearly since the 1980s.

Individuals who are at average risk for developing colorectal cancer are advised by the ACS to begin undergoing regular screenings at age 45.