The Bachelor: The Women Do Tell All!

With the final rose about to be handed out, it was time for, yes, The Bachelor‘s Women Tell All special, the reunion show where past roommates have a chance to confront each other over mansion mishaps and meltdowns, grill Jason Mesnick and catch up with the show’s only success story, Trista and Ryan.

Tales of the Tape: The producers tried something new this year, having host Chris Harrison pre-tape interviews with Jason about the most memorable moments (the dead dove, Shannon’s snotty smooch attempt: “It wasn’t the right time to share any type of kiss but she went in for the kill”), funny bits (Naomi’s obsessive pit smelling) and unseen footage (Jason’s horse freakout and jacuzzi fart sounds). “What you did in that hot tub with Jillian almost consummated a marriage” Harrison quipped. He also asked hard-hitting questions, like what base Jason got to on the camping date with Molly? Jason claimed first base and added, ”In the tent.” The clarification, of course, made us assume he hit a homerun at a later date. Familiar Faces: The cameras went to Vail for a hometown date with Trista and Ryan, the only couple from The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise to make it to the altar, and their 18-month-old son Max. News that Trista was with child broke a few months ago but she unveiled that baby No. 2 was a girl and that she was pulling for Melissa.

Next, some of the gals from Matt Grant‘s season have become friendly with the dude from Deanna Pappas’s season. The gals and guy meet in different destinations and apparently hit the bottle, hook up and have threesomes. Holly seemed like the top tart (and confirmed that she has taken jilted Jesse Csinksak of the market officially). We’re not quite sure why any of these contestants would volunteer for what came off as the ho highlight reel. That is, except for sweet innocents Fred and Noelle, who have been dating since last year’s Men Tell All special. “We are reality show rejects who found love,” Noelle quipped.

Gossip Girls: Back to the current crop of ladies, Stephanie and Jillian got the biggest welcomes from the audience, but Harrison quelled the positive vibe instantly by showing a montage of backstabbing, name-calling and bickering and then grilling the girls. Lauren tried to justify throwing Megan and Erica under the bus again and saintly Steph acted like she was above it all and instead focused on talking about how much she wants to meet a man.

First in the hot seat, Natalie, who claimed she didn’t want the borrowed baubles from her Vegas date because she doesn’t like jewelry (while both wrists were dripping in bracelets) and that she was oblivious to the problems the others had with her. Even the pageant girl was vehement about her dislike of Natalie and the variety of annoyed faces she made while watching her greatest hits cemented that Jason was right to let her go.

It was the complete opposite of the modesty and tears Jillian displayed during her one-on-one time, and it was obvious that Harrison was as stupefied as most fans that she didn’t reach the top two. Maybe it was her inadequate math skills. She revaluated Jason to be 70% mustard and 20% ketchup, leaving a mystery 10 percent. There was entirely too little of stalker Shannon so we wanted to pass on the love life update she gave us at the taping. “I’m back with my boyfriend of five years Ross,” Shannon said. “I know I will get a ring from him someday. We were separated when I applied for the show. The minute I left the rose ceremony and got my cell phone back, I turned it on and I called him from the limo and told him how I was feeling. We’ve been back together ever since.”

In the Hot Seat: As always, the Bachelor spent some time answering the questions of the rejected contestants. He wasn’t nervous because he “did my best” and “built a relationship with everybody.” Jillian was much more subdued and understanding than past third-place finishers. He tried to dog himself out, explaining that calling her the ultimate best friend wasn’t a bad thing. –Carrie Bell

Tell us: Which girl did you miss the most? Who came off the worst? Who did you wish said more? What was your favorite moment of the season?

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