May 06, 2008 12:00 AM

It’s a moment The Bachelor‘s Matt Grant probably will never forget: Stacey, in the beginning of the season, attempting to stuff some lingerie in his pants pockets.

During Monday’s The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special, she got the chance to do it again — except in a playful and less forceful way. After apologizing for not being herself in the original incident, Stacey got up to hand Matt a pair of high-waisted cotton underwear. “Maybe, Matt, these are more your style,” she told him.

And for the record, the panties she gave him on the first episode were clean and not off her body.

“There were 24 other girls and I had to find a way so that I was going to stick out,” Stacey told PEOPLE about her decision. “It wasn’t by sitting there, smiling in conversation. It was going to be by doing something outrageous.

Though she doesn’t regret what happened, she wishes she had been a bit more alert during the competition.

“If I were sober, I think he would’ve been okay with it,” she said. “I am a sweet, intelligent girl and I was anything but that on the show.” –Eunice Oh

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