Sean Lowe Blogs: I Could Fall in Love with AshLee

Lowe writes about his date with Lesley M., the drama with Kacie and why AshLee became a "frontrunner"

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Last week could not have gone better. My dates on The Bachelor with Sarah and Desiree were fantastic.

I was hoping to make the same progress this week. I knew I had a fun one-on-one date planned first, but that it might also be very awkward if I didn’t choose the right girl. That’s why I decided to ask Lesley M. if she would join me on my Guinness Record date.

She was the perfect choice because I felt so comfortable around her from the beginning. Lesley broke the ice on the first night by having me bend over with the football, and I’ve enjoyed my time with her ever since.

Women like Lesley are hard to find. She is not just sexy, smart and funny, but she’s also really easy to be around. I felt like I had known Lesley for years and it had only been two weeks. That’s why she was the one I wanted to set the record for world’s longest on-screen kiss with her.

The kiss actually really surprised me! I thought kissing for more than three minutes would be awkward and uncomfortable – especially since it took place on Hollywood Boulevard and in front of a crowd of people. But it wasn’t. Time flew by and it was much more passionate than I thought it would be. I think that speaks to the chemistry we share.

We ended the date on the rooftop of the famous Roosevelt Hotel. My feelings for Lesley had definitely been growing throughout the date but they were solidified there. We had so much fun together. She had the ability to open up and speak from the heart and then also be really goofy. I loved that about her.

One thing you didn’t get to see on TV was at one point, we started feeding each other brownies and making all kinds of inappropriate remarks while doing so. We were laughing hysterically and were left with chocolate all over our faces.

And, of course, the night ended with one of the most romantic kisses I’ve ever had. It doesn’t get much better than kissing a beautiful woman on top of the Roosevelt while overlooking Hollywood as confetti guns are going off. It was a perfect ending to a perfect date.

The Group Date

The group date the next day was one of my favorite of the season. Before we started playing volleyball, we were throwing the football, playing in the ocean, catching the Frisbee and just enjoying the beautiful day.

I was never the most outspoken guy on group dates with Emily, so I found it interesting to see who put themselves out there and who didn’t. I remember Jackie pulled me aside to talk, which was nice because until that point she had been really quiet and reserved. She made me think there was more to her than the quiet girl I pegged her for.

Group dates always bring an element of awkwardness but I think the laid back atmosphere of the date took some of that away … until Chris Harrison showed up. Of course I knew we couldn’t just play in the sun all day, but I really wasn’t prepared to lose half of the girls for the evening portion of the date. The volleyball game was intense and it became apparent pretty early on that both teams wanted to win.

It brought me back to the sailing competition my team lost in Bermuda on Emily’s season. Time is so precious at this stage of the game and it’s a terrible feeling when you lose out on an opportunity for more time. So after a hard-fought battle, half of the women had to make the walk of shame back to the van. I was sad to see those six women leave, but I knew that it would allow for more quality time with the others.

The evening portion of the group date took place back at my bachelor pad. It’s located just a couple of miles down the road from the Bachelor mansion and this is where I lived while we were in Los Angeles. I was happy to bring the girls back to my place because it was an intimate setting and I knew it would be the perfect place to have in-depth conversations.

The woman who really stood out above the rest that evening was Lindsay. Until now, I viewed her as the fun girl who wore a wedding dress. Well, I think the wedding dress masked the depth that she possesses. When we sat down that night she told me how badly she wants to love and about how her parents have an amazing marriage and how she wants to find someone to share life with. I was blown away! And we ended with a very passionate kiss, which lingered in my mind for a long time after.

The Drama

I had no idea that there was any drama occurring between Amanda and Des, so I was surprised to hear Kacie bring it to my attention. If I seemed frustrated when talking to Kacie, it’s because I was! I had a hard time understanding why Kacie decided to involve herself in this drama if she’s not directly affected. After all, neither Amanda nor Des felt like they needed to say something, so why did Kacie?

I just felt like if anyone in the house should grasp the big picture, it was Kacie – and yet she wasn’t. At the end of the night, it only felt right to give the rose to Lindsay.

My final date of the week was a one-on-one date with AshLee. She grabbed my attention on the first night. She was the first out of the limo and she looked gorgeous. Not only that, after talking with her then I realized she had such a big heart. There was something different about her that really made me take notice and I knew I wanted to spend more time with her.

AshLee was the perfect person to take on the Six Flags date because I saw her compassion early on, and I was hopeful she would share that compassion with Brianna and Emily, the two girls who both suffer from chronic illnesses. I’m involved with two pediatric cancer foundations back home in Dallas, 1 Million 4 Anna and Micaela’s Army, and so the opportunity to share this date with young girls pulled at my heartstrings.

The Frontrunner?

The day with Ashlee and the girls at Six Flags was incredible! We had so much fun together and I took the most joy from watching how happy Emily and Brianna were. Their smiles made my heart melt and I was just happy to play a small part in their day. Both girls have a ton of energy and are even more passionate about amusement parks than I am, so we were all pretty exhausted after a long day.

Emily and Brianna went back to their hotel, which allowed AshLee and me the time alone we needed to talk and really connect. She told me the story of her childhood and about the abuse she suffered as a child and the love her father gave her once she was adopted at age six. I don’t usually cry, but hearing her describe the day she met her father and how he told her he would love her forever brought me to tears. It was then that I understood where AshLee’s compassion comes from and I had a whole new appreciation for the person that she is.

We finished the night dancing in front of one of my favorite bands, the Eli Young Band, and ended the evening with a very romantic kiss. AshLee quickly became a frontrunner and I knew if given time I could fall in love with her.

Each cocktail party I found myself more and more relaxed and just happy to be around such incredible ladies, but there was still an element of stress because as my relationships evolved, it became more awkward having all the women in the same house. I never wanted to disrespect any of the women by having them see my chemistry with another girl, so as much as I tried to be in the moment with each conversation. I was also tense wondering if another woman was going to come around the corner.

One moment that was entirely stress free and made me so happy was getting to surprise Sarah with her beloved dog. I have two dogs back in Dallas that mean the world to me and that I miss so much, so I knew that Sarah must have been feeling the same way about hers. Seeing the look on her face when he jumped out of the car made my night.

And I’d like to send a special thank you to whichever production assistant had to clean the dog poop out of the back of the car. I owe you one, buddy!

Thanks for watching!
Sean Lowe

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