Catherine Lowe Makes Jason Mesnick Wax His Chest on 'Bachelor' -Themed 'Celebrity Wife Swap'

Former Bachelor stars Sean Lowe and Jason Mesnick swap spouses in this week's episode of the ABC show Celebrity Wife Swap


Looks like this Celebrity Wife Swap is off to a smooth start – literally.

On this week’s episode of the ABC reality show, former Bachelor leading men Sean Lowe and Jason Mesnick swap spouses, with respective wives Catherine Lowe and Molly Mesnick moving into each other’s homes.

In a sneak peek, Catherine, 29, takes Jason, 39, to a waxing salon in Seattle, while Jason and Molly’s daughter Riley, 2, spends some quality time with Grandma.

“Being the man of the house and looking good for your job is part of the deal,” says Catherine when they arrive at the salon.

“Are we really waxing my chest? Oh my God,” Jason says. “Does Sean wax his chest?”

“He shaves it all the time!” the Bachelor alum says as she ushers him into the room.

Even though he can’t quite see what “waxing has to do with being the breadwinner,” Jason lies down and the aesthetician gets to work.

“This is something that men do!” says Catherine to the camera. “I made the rules, and this is what you’ve got to do.”

“Are most guys tougher than me?” asks Jason, who groans repeatedly as the hot wax is spread across his chest and ripped off.

“Yeah, we haven’t even done your ” says the aesthetician, pointing, well, down there.

But the father of two draws the line: “No! We are not doing that!”

“This is the best day!” says Catherine with a gleeful laugh, watching over the procedure.

Watch more clips of the Bachelor-themed episode below.

The Bachelor-themed episode of Celebrity Wife Swap airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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