Malina also told reporters at PaleyFest in Los Angeles on Sunday that the show has "enhanced" his marriage

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
Updated March 09, 2015 11:00 AM
Credit: Jerod Harris/Getty; Craig Sjodin/ABC/Getty

There may not be a fan more invested in Monday’s finale of The Bachelor than Scandal‘s Joshua Malina.

At PaleyFest in Los Angeles on Sunday, Malina revealed not only his dedication to Chris Soules‘s love life but also his opinion on who should hand out the roses on the next Bachelorette.

“I don’t care much for [Whitney or Becca],” the actor, 49, told reporters on the red carpet.

Though costar Katie Lowes has her money on Soules choosing Whitney, Malina bemoaned, “I want my Kaitlyn back! What happened to Britt?”

If it’s true that Kaitlyn is the next Bachelorette – whom ABC will announce during Monday’s finale – “she’ll be great,” said Malina. “You want to marry off somebody who isn’t that interesting, so either [Whitney or Becca] is fine, and you want somebody who is really interesting as the next Bachelorette. So, maybe everything is working out as it should.”

The actor’s love for ABC’s biggest franchise is not ironic, either. “This is truth: I have no shame. So, there’s no television pleasure that I feel guilty about.”

He’s even roped his wife, Melissa Merwin, into watching The Bachelor with him. “I’ve dragged her down to my level,” he says, “and it has enhanced our marriage.”