Which girl doesn't make the cut after the overnight dates?

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It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Bachelor nation: the Fantasy Suite dates.

On Monday’s episode, Ben invited the final three women in the running on overnight dates in Jamaica – which, surprise, surprise, Ben thinks “could be a great place to fall in love.” Remember when he also said this about Las Vegas? (Just teasing, Ben. We still love you. Especially in that pink shirt.)

The dates were exotic, over-the-top and romantic – like, so romantic that the Bachelor dropped the “L” word on not one, but two of the women for the first time in the franchise’s history. Let’s begin.

Ben and Caila Went Rafting and the Awkward Silence Was Too Much to Bear

For Ben’s first date in Jamaica, he took Caila rafting down a small river and it was one of the most uncomfortable things we’ve witnessed this season because the two barely exchanged three words to one another.

Caila explained during a camera confessional that the reason she was feeling so weird was because she kept thinking about the fact that two other women were still in the running – a very understandable concern, and even more so in Caila’s case, as we shall see.

After an awkward lunch of Jamaican jerk barbecue, the day portion of the date was thankfully over and we got to move on to the evening, which is always where things get good.

The two met up before dinner (and made out as if they hadn’t just spent the entire day together), then sat down to talk about why the vibe had been so weird all day.

Camila finally explained that she was feeling insecure about the other two women, but decided that she was going to put that out of her mind and tell Ben she loves him. After she dropped the “L” word, they kissed and Caila was positively gushing.

“I just feel it when he looks into my eyes, when he holds me tight, when we take a deep breath together, I just know that that is where I’m supposed to be,” she said to the camera after telling Ben how she felt. “Ben doesn’t have to say anything. I tell him I love him and I can see in his eyes. And I can feel in his breath that he feels the same.”

(Indeed, Caila was right about one thing at least: the Bachelor is technically “not allowed” to tell any of the women he loves them because that would give away the ending. As we’ll see, Ben opted to forgo this rule entirely … just not with Caila. But we’ll get to that.)

Anyway, Ben offered Caila the handwritten Fantasy Suite invitation card (which, inexplicably, always comes from Chris Harrison) and she accepted. Then they took a late-night dip in the ocean, making out as fireworks went off in the background before sneaking off to their bedroom and closing the door on the cameras. As you can imagine, it was all very over-the-top, but hey, it’s not called a Fantasy Suite for nothing.

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Ben and Lauren Play with Adorable Baby Turtles, Exchange ‘I Love You’s’

Ben’s second overnight date in Jamaica was with Lauren, and after watching it, it’s pretty difficult to imagine Ben picking anyone else at the end of this … that is, until we get to his date with JoJo, but again, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

First of all, Ben and Lauren got one of the best dates ever: They got to release a nest of baby sea turtles into the ocean! Now, that might not sound romantic, but as it turns out, freaking adorable tiny newborn turtles scrambling down the beach as fast as they can to get their first taste of the open ocean is an absolutely glorious sight to behold.

After the turtle release (which honestly we could have watched for hours), Ben and Lauren sat down on the beach and talked about how much they like each other.

Ben to Lauren: You’re too good for me.

Lauren to Ben: No, you’re too good for me!

That’s enough from both of you – you’re both perfect and you just got to play with baby turtles and we’re still jealous.

Then it was time for the evening portion of the date, and obviously Lauren accepted the Fantasy Suite invitation card. Once inside, Lauren finally decided to tell Ben she is in love with him … and ‘lo and behold, Ben said it back.

Yup, he totally went rogue and just blurted it out. And then he kept saying it. And then he said it some more. And then it was the morning after, and he said it some more. (Also, shoutout to ABC for the shot of their crumpled up clothes strewn on the floor. Keep it classy.)

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Thought It Was Over? Nope, Ben and JoJo Also Exchange ‘I Love You’s’

Up next, it was time for Ben’s date with JoJo – and considering he had just told Lauren he loves her, there’s no way it went well with JoJo, right? Wrong. Ben and JoJo’s date was just as amazing as his date with Lauren, which leads us to That Time Ben Told Two Women He Loved Them … One Right After the Other.

Yup, Ben told JoJo he loves her too: After a helicopter dropped them off at the most romantic waterfalls of all time, JoJo told Ben she is in love with him, just like Lauren (and Caila, but at this point she’s toast) had just done. Ben then proceeded to say it back, which makes him either a hopeless romantic or totally insane – we’re not quite sure, but for obvious reasons, it probably wasn’t the smartest move in the long run.

JoJo, meanwhile, was in a complete state of shock when he said it back: “Are you allowed to say that?” she asked, eyes wide open, looking panicked.

Needless to say, the initial shock wore off to a state of complete and utter bliss: JoJo, like Lauren, interpreted Ben saying “I love you” as a clear sign that she would be his final pick.

As for Ben, well, we’re not quite sure what he was thinking in the moment but in a confessional filmed later on he admitted he wasn’t sure how you can be in love with two women, but that it was the truth.

“I never expected to be at this place and I wish there was some kind of guide or something to help me in this situation,” he said. “Right now it’s impossible for me to imagine saying goodbye to either of these women.”

Up next was the evening portion of the date, and JoJo was still on cloud nine. After talking through their disastrous hometown date last week with JoJo’s aggressive brothers, she eventually convinced him that her family would support them and that they were just being protective.

Then he offered her the Fantasy Suite invitation card, which she accepted (duh). They made out in the hot tub of their private villa, drank champagne and said “I love you” a bunch more times. Then they woke up together, and said it a few more times.

At this point, this felt like some beautiful disaster we couldn’t tear our eyes away from. We love you Ben, but what exactly is your game plan here? There’s only one way this can end with each of these women and that is going to be horribly with either JoJo or Lauren.

Had You Forgotten About Caila at This Point? Us Too

In the aftermath of the “I love you”-fest, Ben was reeling – but one thing was clear, and that was that Caila needed to go.

“I have gotten to the point where I can confidently look at two women and say: ‘I love you,’ ” Ben admitted. “When they told me they loved me, I just couldn’t help but say it back. But with Caila I just couldn’t say it.”

As Ben was sitting in the courtyard of his suite contemplating how he was going to approach the very unappealing task of dumping Caila post-Fantasy Suite, guess who decided to “surprise” him? Yes, it was Caila, who was giddy with excitement at what she believed was the chance to sneak in some extra time with Ben.

Ben took Caila for a walk down to the beach. As soon as they sat down, Caila’s facial expression changed completely as it dawned on her that things were about to go very, very wrong.

“I realized that I am in love with two women here and I just couldn’t say it back to you,” Ben told her. “And I don’t know why and I don’t know how, because as I think through things every day, all day, you are literally what I described at the beginning of this as my perfect wife. I knew this was going to get hard at the end because I knew that I was going to have to say goodbye to someone that I was falling for, it’s really hard to imagine saying goodbye to you.”

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Caila, meanwhile, wasn’t having it: “That sounds like a line.”

After telling her he was going to miss her (why? why would you say that?), he walked her back up the hill towards her car. Caila got in the car, and just as we were expecting the mandatory tear-filled reject car ride interview, Caila decided she hadn’t gotten her answers and hopped back out of the car to confront Ben again.

This was so uncomfortable on so many levels and we wanted it to be over probably as much as Ben did in that moment.

Caila to Ben: I really did love you. But when did you know [you were going to send me home]?

Everyone watching: No, stop, stop right there. Abort mission. Get back in the car.

Then we finally did get the reject car ride interview, and Caila did not hold back: “I thought I’d be getting engaged in a week and a half. I was ready. I was ready to get married. I was ready to be his wife.”

“I like, still love him,” – well, he only broke up with you about 5 seconds ago, so that would make sense.

Ahead of the Rose Ceremony, Ben shared how he was feeling following Caila’s exit.

“With Caila I just couldn’t get there. My heart couldn’t get there. But it didn’t make saying goodbye to her any easier,” said Ben. “The whole purpose of this is to find one true love. Right now I have two true loves.”

The women were left standing in front of two roses, wondering where Caila was – until Ben showed up to explain what happened. As for how he’s expecting things to go down in the finale?

“I don’t know how you can be in love with two women and then propose to one and then say goodbye to the other. I’m scared. I’m in deep trouble,” Ben told the camera. “I don’t know what I”m going to do.”

The Bachelor: Women Tell All airs next Monday (8 p.m. ET) on ABC, followed by the season finale Monday, March 14 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.