'The Bachelor' Recap: Becca Finally Reveals She's a Virgin

After visiting the Fantasy Suite, yet another girl is sent home in a dramatic elimination

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With just three women left in the running, Monday’s episode of The Bachelor had Chris Soules handing out keys to his Fantasy Suites.

Becca, Whitney, Kaitlyn and Chris (plus Chris Harrison) traveled to Bali for a romantic – and humid – atmosphere that the ladies would never forget.

Though one lady would probably very much like to.

Kaitlyn and Chris Wander Around Bali, Get Attacked by Monkeys

For their date, Kaitlyn and Chris spent some time meandering around Bali. They hit up a temple, survived monkey attacks … you know, the usual.

Watching a monkey leap onto Chris’s back in order to steal his banana is a memory I’ll treasure always – that and the memory of another monkey fully peeing on him. We are all truly blessed.

Beautiful Kaitlyn’s beautiful hair could not withstand the humidity, but she obviously looked great anyway.

At dinner, Kaitlyn was finally able to reveal that she was falling in love with Chris, though she admitted she was finding it difficult to be vulnerable. “I am completely falling in love with you, and it’s terrifying,” she said, “but it’s such a good feeling at the same time, and I’m just really happy with the way it’s gone to get here.”

Chris offered her the key to his Fantasy Suite and, naturally, she accepted.

Whitney and Chris Sailed the Indian Ocean

In case you were wondering, Whitney’s hair was not affected by the humidity. We’re not going to say it’s because she is a robot tailor-made for this competition, but we’re not not saying it, either.

They took a boat out onto the Indian Ocean. It was fine.

At dinner, Chris reiterated his “biggest insecurity”; that is, the smallness of his hometown of Arlington, Iowa. Seeing Whitney in her element at work in Chicago made him concerned that she wouldn’t really be able to leave her life behind.

While Whitney conceded that she does love her work, she went on to say that she would have “no hesitation” about moving to Arlington and “having babies” as her career. (Ahem. Bachelor robot.) At that, Chris beamed. He really is quite simple – his desire to raise a family is so transparent and genuine. It’s sweet.

“I firmly believe that life takes you places, and it’s not where you are, it’s who you’re with,” said Whitney.

She, too, got a key to the Fantasy Suite. Bow chicka.

Becca and Chris Look at Farm Stuff, and She Reveals Her Virginity

Similar to Kaitlyn’s date, Becca and Chris wandered around Bali, this time around some farmland.

Chris was kind of adorable as he geeked out about farming, telling the camera that people in the U.S. hadn’t farmed the way the Balinese do for hundreds of years – as if he had read all about the farming practices of Bali in an agriculture textbook at Iowa State University.

Most importantly, however, was the virginity reveal. After Chris gave Becca the key to the Fantasy Suite, she reminded him that she had never been in love before, nor had she brought somebody home to meet her family. However, Chris is different: “I really do feel like I’m falling in love with you,” she told him.

That said … “I do have something very important to share with you, and I want you to be very honest with your feelings about it. It’s a big part of who I am,” said Becca, “but after having such an amazing time with you, I have been a little bit nervous to bring it up because it is a big deal.” Following a lengthy pause, she finally spit it out: “But I am a virgin.”

Chris, to his credit, only raised his eyebrows slightly, then furrowed them slightly and then sighed and shook his head. “I’m glad that you … and I … it’s never easy to respond to this kind of stuff,” said an awkward Chris before he went on to assure Becca that he respected her choices and that they said a lot about her.

Then they made out a whole lot.

As the couple was seen drawing the curtains on the Fantasy Suite, Becca told the camera in an interview: “I’m so excited. Now that that’s out of the way I’m ready to have some alone time and take advantage of this. I have constantly said that I’m waiting for marriage. The reality is that this is a situation where I’m falling in love, and I’ve been waiting for a long time to feel this. I’m 100 percent in,” she added. “I’m all in. I’m excited to see what happens.”

… Sex? Did sex happen? It’s not clear whether Becca actually lost her virginity in a hotel room in Bali, but, again, it’s not not clear. Bachelor producers, you know what you did.

Chris Squared Have a Heart-to-Heart, Someone Goes Home

In a beachside chat with Bachelor host Chris Harrison, Chris revealed that he was fairly sure about one rose – Whitney, naturally – but unsure about the other.

While he admitted that he had a lot of feelings for Becca, he expressed concern about her tendency to hold back her feelings where Kaitlyn had let herself become vulnerable by telling Chris that she was definitely falling in love with him. After all, Kaitlyn has a basis of comparison, Becca does not.

Chris was not dealing with the pressure well. “I really do want all these girls to meet my family,” he said in an interview, holding back tears.

At the rose ceremony, however, Chris made his most difficult decision yet: Kaitlyn was sent packing. He just wasn’t feeling as much for her as he felt for Becca and Whitney, but he was genuinely sorry to see her go.

Next week is the Women Tell All special; after that, Farmer Chris chooses a wife.

(Of course, he also may not propose, but we can all agree that seems incredibly unlikely.)

Also …

• Chris Harrison told PEOPLE last week that he thinks around two-thirds of Bachelor contestants had sex on the show. Considering the tricky editing on Becca’s time spent in the Fantasy Suite with Chris, who – if anybody – do you think did the deed?

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