January 20, 2009 12:00 AM

Backstabbing, bust-making, barfing and bitterness – it’s just another week in the life of The Bachelor Jason Mesnick. And after enduring all that, he had to break up with three more women.

Blue Widow: Stephanie was excited about getting the first single date when she wasn’t bringing up her dead husband’s flight to heaven or the daughter she misses. (We really want to root for her, but she kills our Bachelor buzz every episode.) On the beach (embarrassing cartwheel alert!), Jason sprung his surprise. Her daughter came running and took a header into mom’s chest before they fell to the ground hugging and screaming.

Legoland was the next stop. This date was all about her kid, who had more costume changes than a Cher concert, and not conducive to romance. Most rides required them to sit apart and she was always busy watching Sophia. Steph got a little creepy again: “Seeing him hold her hand, Jason reminded me of my deceased husband.” They finally got some adult time and she came off as sweet but old-fashioned. She just wants a man to take care off. He gave her a rose made of Legos citing her good parenting and the family feel of the date as reason for further exploration. Bust a Move: Eight contestants made artistic plaster molds of their busts to raise money for a breast cancer charity. Jason went first and Melissa and Erica jumped at the chance to apply baby oil to his bare chest. Stalker Shannon admitted she just liked to stare at him. Later, Shannon practically begged him to put a few strips on her cast and tried to trick him into touching her knockers. Megan creeped the others out when she discussed her idea to paint a fetus on hers because “they feed off breasts.” She shook it off. “Some girls are as shallow as the kiddie pool. They don’t understand where half my depth comes from.”

Jason finally put his shirt back on and spent some one-on-one time with each girl. Megan did well although she seemed a tad egotistical about how much of a hero she is in her daily life. Nikki let slip that she’s a “perfectionist and control freak,” and you could literally see the warning lights go on in Jason’s mind. Things only got worse when the 80% Sandra Bullock blanked and conversation halted. She admitted she wasn’t spontaneous. (So not surprising that the pageant queen can’t perform without knowing the questions ahead of time.) Out of character, Shannon backed away from private time, but then weirdly planted an extended hug on him in front of everyone, which definitely caught him off guard. Jillian secured her front-runner status with more goofy antics (bed jumping) followed by serious relationship philosophy debate and Jason rewarded her with the rose.

Unlucky in Love: For Jason’s date with Natalie, he arranged for her to be dripping in diamonds before they jetted to Vegas. She wondered, “Who gets to do this?” (Duh, dating show contestants!) They then headed for dinner and Jason babbled how good he felt with her as arm candy. Then the dinner conversation wound up strained and weird.

She got uber-confrontational when he withheld the rose and more so when they collected the jewels, accusing him of stereotyping her and being sneaky. Then she attacked her competitors and her bitter limo ride was the stuff reality TV addicts live for. “I’m super attractive. I’ve got a lot going on. You don’t feel a connection with me? Who do you think you are … God?”

Party Passion: Most gals were thrilled that Natalie didn’t come home and they weren’t afraid to show it at the weekly cocktail party. Jason tried to get insider info about the mean girls from the Eva Mendes look-a-like, but she took the high road and gracefully steered the conversation to the fact that she’s slept with one person; it earned her a makeout session. Nikki talked bathroom organization and label making, but Jason decided to kiss her anyway. Erica called Jason out for trying to sneak a peek at her cleavage and Molly clocked some more tongue time. Steph also made a mouth move.

Shannon hid in the bathroom, sick about Nat’s accusations, the lack of to trust and her poor interaction with her object of stalker affection. Jason again seemed to be fine with her freakout, but we just see strange. She always looks a little like the wronged ghost in a scary movie.

Lauren, annoyed that her BFF Nat’s send-off was so well received, threw Megan, Erica and Nikki (to a lesser extent) under the bus. She went as far as telling Jason that she was afraid Megan might hurt her. Megan eavesdropped in the distance and she discreetly chastised Lauren for tattling.

Two More for the Road: Under the guise of clearing the air, Chris Harrison opened the floor for comments before Jason handed out the roses. Erica and Nikki argued that the one girl they didn’t think was right for him was gone and that the rest of them got along. But Megan piped up about an untrustworthy one in their midst and Lauren escalated the fight. Shannon suddenly darted off, murmuring “I hate it here” before throwing up in the bathroom.

Shannon didn’t seem quite so virtuous when the credits clip showed her impersonation of Nat. Jason gave her a pep talk and eventually she returned, but not before Megan proved Lauren’s point by giving a profanity-filled tirade about Shannon. Jason apparently hasn’t had enough drama from that mama because he gave her the last rose. Kari and Erica were sent home. Both were disappointed, but took dismissal fairly well. –Carrie Bell

Tell us: Do you think Lauren should have named names to Jason? Do you think Megan is too much drama or just defending herself?

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