'The Bachelor' : Sean's Hometown Date with Desiree Gets Interrupted – By an Ex?

In this exclusive preview, an apparent ex-boyfriend rains on Sean and Desiree's hometown date parade

Photo: Kevin Foley/ABC (2)

The ex who pops back into the picture has been a common storyline in recent seasons of The Bachelor. And this season is no exception.

In this exclusive preview of Monday night’s episode, Sean Lowe meets more of Desiree Hartsock’s loved ones than he bargained for.

“As Des and I are getting dinner ready for her parents, I feel like we’re a couple,” says Sean. “And I’m excited for her family to get here because I want to meet these people.”

Instead, the ex shows up at the door, asking if he and Des can talk. An awkward, you’ve-got-to-wonder-if-it’s-scripted dialogue ensues. A sampling:

Ex: Des, I love you, OK?
Sean: Whoa.
Ex: I’ve been texting, calling, where they hell have you been?
Des: [Gestures toward Sean] “I’ve been busy.
Ex: We’re together for two years and all of a sudden, just nothing? I love you more than anything.
Sean: I’m thinking, ‘Maybe I just need to leave.’
Ex: You’re going to be with this actor? This isn’t real.
Sean: First of all, I’m standing right here. You want to talk to me, talk to me … [To Des]: Do you want to talk to him? [To Ex]: Then leave please.
Ex: Can you give us a minute?
Sean: Don’t put your hands on me

The fireworks air on the new episode of The Bachelor Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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