The Bachelor's Peter Weber broke up with Kelley Flanagan last year

By Aili Nahas
May 07, 2021 05:36 PM
peter weber

Peter Weber admits he's done quite a bit of dating in the last few years.

"I've gone on my fair share of dates," the former Bachelor, 29, tells PEOPLE with a laugh. "I think I can take a breather!"

Instead, the commercial pilot, who has partnered with Campo Viejo wine for Mother's Day, says he's focused on himself — and his new life in New York City.

"I am obsessed with New York," says Weber, who moved to the city earlier this year, following his breakup with Kelley Flanagan in December. "It's a new adventure every day."

It's also an ideal opportunity for a reset. "My relationship with Kelley was probably one of the most amazing I've ever had," says Weber. "And the breakup was really tough for both of us. Breakups suck for everyone involved. They just always hurt. But having the opportunity to have this fresh start, I am in such a new place in my life. I'm so happy right now."

peter weber
Peter Weber
| Credit: Campo Viejo

And the self-imposed hiatus from dating means Weber will have more time to put himself first. "Looking back, for the the past two years, all I've been focused on is a relationship," says Weber. "Now I'm taking a step back and I'm focused on myself. I want to improve myself and become a stronger man in so many ways."

Weber says he's also focused on family. And Campo Viejo provided the perfect early Mother's Day partnership as Weber worked closely with his mom, Barb, to develop two recipe pairings for the brand's Reserva and Red Blend.

Peter Weber parents
Peter Weber with his parents
| Credit: Peter Weber/Instagram

"Family has always been everything to me," says Weber. "I cherish them so much. So I was super stoked that this partnership was around Mother's Day. Campo Viejo brings people together. And what mom doesn't love wine?"

peter weber
Peter Weber
| Credit: Campo Viejo

Now, as Weber settles into what he calls "a new season of life," he remains eternally optimistic about the future.

"I don't regret a thing about The Bachelorette or The Bachelor, even though they didn't work out like I thought they would," he says. "I'm so grateful. And I'm taking what I've learned and moving forward. And I'm never losing hope that she's just right around the corner."