'The Bachelor' 's Peter Weber Describes 'Freak Accident' While Filming — and His 'Good Battle Scar'

Peter Weber is setting the record straight about an injury he suffered while filming The Bachelor

His season of The Bachelor hasn’t yet started, but Peter Weber has already been making dramatic headlines.

The commercial pilot was filming in Costa Rica when an incident on set occurred, sparking countless rumors about his well-being.

“Honestly, it was just a freak accident,” Weber says, opening up for the first time about what really happened. “It really wasn’t as bad of an injury as people thought.”

Weber, 28, was on a golf course, about to get back into a golf cart when, “I bumped my head on the top of the cart,” he says. “As I reacted, I put my head down and brought my hand up, but I had a glass in my hand…[The glass] shattered and ended up slicing my forehead open.”

Peter Weber
Jonny Marlow

Continues Weber: “I felt zero pain. I think my adrenaline was going like crazy. It wasn’t until a couple hours in when it just kind of settled down. But the actual act of it, though, there was no pain. Blood everywhere, but no pain!”

Production immediately set about arranging care for Weber. “I had an amazing plastic surgeon,” he says. “Thank God he was there to stay open late and sew me up. He did a really good job. And now, I got a good battle scar. It’s a memory that will always remind me of this journey!”

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Peter Weber
Jonny Marlow

Weber says he was amused by breathless headlines claiming the injury was more serious than it actually was. “It’s funny hearing these stories,” he says. “People thought I lost half my face! But it was just a crazy thing. The next day I went on a date!”

Ultimately, Weber, who was heartbroken after he was dumped by Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette, wasn’t going to let anything slow him down when it came to finding The One on The Bachelor. “I’ve never lost hope that the next person I find will be my forever,” says Weber. “I have all the hope in the world.”

The Bachelor premieres Jan. 6 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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