The Bachelor's Peter Weber Explains Why He Sent Mykenna and Sydney Home

Tammy Ly was also eliminated after stirring up drama among the women

WARNING: This post contains spoilers from Wednesday’s episode of The Bachelor

Bachelor Peter Weber is addressing his latest decision to send home three women in one night.

During Wednesday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Weber, 28, decided to put an end to Tammy Ly and Mykenna Dorn’s ongoing feud by sending home Ly during a two-on-one prior to the rose ceremony. But Weber caught fans off guard when he said goodbye to Dorn shortly after, along with Sydney Hightower, whom he’d just called the best kisser in the mansion.

And despite Ly’s accusations that Dorn was just trying to build her brand, Weber tells PEOPLE that he believes Dorn’s intentions were true.

“To be honest, with Mykenna, I always knew that she truly was there to see me, I had no doubt about her intentions of why she came on the show,” he says. “I never doubted that. I think it was just one of those relationships that you hope kind of progresses and you keep giving it a chance week after week and you think maybe next week will be the breakthrough moment, and it never happened with us.”

Sydney Hightower, Peter Weber, Mykenna Dorn
Maarten de Boer/ ABC

“I wished it would happen for us, but it never did,” he adds. “Nothing necessarily happened with Mykenna, but I had more time to think, and I had more conversations with the rest of the women to solidify my decision. It really came down to the fact that my relationship with Mykenna at that point wasn’t strong enough to continue. And that’s really all that it was.”

And as for why he sent home Hightower? “That was difficult for me, and I get people’s confusion about that,” Weber shares.

“One-on-ones with Sydney really worked for me,” he adds. “The group dates were fun, but I really valued the one-on-one times with her. I truly had a great time with her. It wasn’t like there was something wrong with her at all.”

“I had an amazing time with her and we had a great connection, but the next week it just became a number game and there were more women that I had a stronger connection with than Sydney,” he says. “It may seem abrupt, like, you guys had a great time and then it’s over, but that’s part of it sometimes. It was a number game, and there were stronger connections, and that’s all that it was.”

Francisco Roman/ABC

During the episode, Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller received roses from Weber during their respective one-on-one dates in Santiago, Chile, while Madison Prewett received the group date rose.

Now, Sluss, Fuller, Prewett, Kelley Flanagan, Kelsey Weier, and Natasha Parker are the six women remaining to win Weber’s heart.

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