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February 10, 2009 12:00 AM

Hometown date week on The Bachelor is usually exciting, intense and wacky — and this season’s installment took it even further. Jason Mesnick met a goofy grandma in Canada, parents with past lives and a dead dove in California, and played golf in Michigan. But he didn’t get to meet the folks in Texas because one family refused their 15 minutes of reality TV fame. — Carrie Bell

O Canada: Jason’s first stop on his meet-the-parents tour was Kelowna, British Columbia, where Jillian‘s family resides and where she spent the last 20 summers touching toes with Ogo Pogo, the resident lake monster. At the winery, Jillian let Jason in on some family secrets, including that her mother had suffered from depression. Her confessions reeled Jason closer. Next up was dinner with the parents and her cousin. Her mom’s toast was as cheesy as a greeting card, but her private questions for Jason were thoughtful. Both parents were very honest about their tumultuous relationship and its affect on Jillian, which Jason appreciated almost as much as he liked their jokes. Then, granny showed up with maple leaf boxers, which she inexplicably put on Jason’s head.

Golly Miss Molly: Next, Jason jetted to Grand Rapids, Mich., to hang with Molly. He was nervous because Molly won’t date anyone without her parents’ approval. They started the day at the country club for a round of golf (She had to buy Jason a club-suitable outfit.), a picnic and kisses. Pre-dinner, conversation was fairly stilted until mom broke out her hat collection. It got stranger when she made Jason draw a picture of his favorite memory of Molly’s face. (We get that mom wanted to see if he could roll with the punches, but not sure Molly appreciated her Joker smile.)

Crazy Town: Jason visited Naomi in Lake Elsinore, Calif., and experienced the kookiest family in Bachelor history. Naomi reiterated that she was ready for marriage and that Ty was an added bonus. Jason still had reservations and thought seeing her around her loved ones would help him figure it out. Then came the hula hoop circle and the bird funeral. Naomi’s mom told Jason to be one with a hoop and then asked him to say the eulogy for a dove she killed with her windshield, brought home and stored in the fridge. Dad encouraged Jason to accept Jesus Christ as his savior and Jason looked very uncomfortable. Mom then talked about psychic powers, indigo truth-seekers, reincarnation and her theory that we come from the future.

Ditched in Dallas: Jason then journeyed to Texas to picnic by a lake with Melissa. She made a present for Ty (a tooth fairy cash box because he’s currently obsessed with the legend) and Jason ate it up. The victory was short-lived, though, as she broke the news that her family refused to participate in the show. “The family is a big part of making a decision who I want to spend my life with,” Jason said. He had to settle for a night with her married friends and kids. The tots were drawn to Melissa, which scored her more points. He tried to interrogate them about her family, but they didn’t know much. During a private nightcap at her suite, she listed the traits she inherited from each of her parents and cited how private they were. They shared some hot-and-heavy hugs and kisses but she still worried, “How do you propose if you can’t meet her parents?”

E-Limo-Nated: In the end, not getting face time with the folks did not mean the end of Mel and Jason. Instead, he did not give a rose to Naomi. Jason walked her out, stopping at the breakup bench to explain, “It is not about any fault that you have. In my heart, I think we’re in different places. You’re not the right fit for me.” She broke down in the limo, and said, “I don’t care about having a love life at this point. I’m better off on my own. I have no idea where I go from here.”

Tell us: Did Naomi’s family influence Jason’s decision to send her home? Who will Jason pick? And why does DeAnna comes back next week?Michael Caulfield/WireImage

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