'The Bachelor' 's Nick Viall Accuses Raven Gates of Portraying a 'Character' on TV: She's 'Lying'

Nick Viall called Raven Gates "charming" but "manipulative"

Will the real Raven Gates please stand up.

Nick Viall opened up about his relationship his runner-up on The Bachelor during an appearance on The Bachelor Hour podcast, accusing her of acting differently on camera than off.

During the podcast, Viall explained that his favorite people from the franchise are those who exhibit “authenticity.”

“You can tell who is full of s— and who pretend to be a certain person,” he said. “I quite like Raven, this is not about me criticizing Raven because I don’t like her. I think she’s great, I think she’s great in person.”

Gates didn’t immediately return PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Viall, 39, and Gates, 28, dated during season 21, with the Arkansas native making it to his final two. During the finale, Viall ended things with Gates and proposed to winner Vanessa Grimaldi. (They have since split).

Viall said Gates spent a portion of their fantasy suite date “talking s—” about Grimaldi — a claim she has denied. Viall accused Gates of lying in order to maintain her public image.

Nick Viall and Raven Gates
Rich Polk/Getty; Gabe Ginsberg/Getty

“I think the character she’s portraying herself to be on the TV show and on Instagram is totally full of s— and lying and bulls—,” he told podcast host Rachel Lindsay. “I think she talks s— about people, all the time! I think that’s totally fine. I don’t like how sometimes people pretend to not be a certain way.”

The Natural Habits founder said part of Gates’ charm comes from the very flaws she tries to hide.

“I think Raven is great, I quite liked her for the person I got to know ,and that person was someone who was snarky and intelligent and had somewhat of a dark side to her,” he said. “She could be manipulative and all those things. The whole picture of Raven, that was charming.”

“The Raven people got to see, I don’t think was Raven,” he continued.

While Viall stressed that he has no hard feelings toward Raven, fans of the franchise know that Lindsay, 34, recently had a falling-out with her former best friend. The cause of the feud is still unknown, but Lindsay previously said she will “never will be” friends with Gates again.

During an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Lindsay said that she promised not to reveal the reason behind their friendship break-up. Gates has not addressed the rift publicly.

Gates is now engaged to Adam Gottschalk, whom she’s been dating since season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise in 2017. Lindsay married the winner of her season of The Bachelorette, Bryan Abasolo, in August.

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