Womack's reason for sending home one of the season's most talked-about women

By Brad Womack
February 15, 2011 07:20 AM
Rick Rowell/ABC

Hey, everyone!

I’m so excited that we’re finally at the Anguilla episode! Aside from the finale, this was by far my favorite week of my journey on The Bachelor. The island was so beautiful, so pristine. The CuisinArt Resort & Spa was absolutely amazing … I didn’t want to leave!

I was looking forward to my date with Emily so much! By that time, I had developed immense feelings for Em. For some reason, though, I always clammed up around her and acted like a shy school kid, so I had to use this date to tell her how I was feeling. Our date was one of the most romantic dates I’ve ever been on! Who can say that they’ve had the chance to take a date to a deserted island? The date was perfect and could not have ended any better. After I left Emily that night I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders because our relationship had reached a place I so badly wanted it to go.

The date with Shawntel was so much fun. I was so thankful to be able to hang out with the people of Anguilla as well as Shawntel. The locals were so warm, so friendly. They accepted Shawntel and me with open arms. I felt like I gained some ground with Shawntel on that date. We had a very good conversation while at Bankie Banx’s beachside bar. Shawntel told me she was falling in love with me and I was taken aback only because I simply didn’t expect that at all. What a day in Anguilla …

I’m going to save my thoughts about the group date for last, so I’ll discuss my date with Britt: I had wanted to go out with Britt for a very long time but numerous circumstances had prevented that from happening. I won’t rehash the date, but I’d like to talk about my decision to say goodbye to Britt that very night. What people didn’t see in the episode is that Britt and I had a very mature and candid conversation about that certain spark not being there. I remember feeling so relieved at Britt’s candid nature. I didn’t want to torture her by asking her to sit through a rose ceremony. In a testament to Britt, her exit was very mature and very gracious.

Now for the group date: Okay, for the few fellas that may be reading this, you may think that would have been the best date in the world. (For the record, I was thinking that it was at that particular time.) Well, it wasn’t. Not even close. What the hell was I thinking when I put three girls in bikinis, on a photo shoot, while fighting for the same guy? It got ugly very quickly. Tears were flowing, emotions were boiling, and the sun was baking. A fantasy date (by definition) turned into sheer hell. I was so relieved when that date was over. With that being said, I’d like to extend my extreme gratitude to the entire SI team for allowing us into their world for a day. They were the textbook definition of consummate professionals.

Now for the rose ceremony: Yes, it was time to say goodbye to Michelle. Some of you may be sighing in relief; some may think she was around too long; some may think saying goodbye was a mistake. I’m going to defend Michelle once more … For everyone out there that is criticizing her, please try to see the humor in her antics. Here’s a woman that, yes, may be opinionated, but also doesn’t take herself too seriously and makes light of many situations. My decision to say goodbye to Michelle had absolutely nothing to do with her light-hearted craziness. It was simply a matter of not having feelings that warranted trying to begin a future with her. Michelle will be sorely missed.

Next week is hometown visits, folks … Things are getting serious!

Thanks for watching!

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