The Alabama native earned a rose from Peter Weber on the first on-on-one date of the season

WARNING: This post contains spoilers from Monday’s season premiere ofThe Bachelor.

The Bachelor‘s first episode of season 24 is in the books, and Madison Prewett is already making the other women dating Peter Weber jealous.

The 23-year-old caught Weber’s attention on Monday night’s premiere from the start, and she managed to nab the first one-on-one date of the season. Weber, 28, brought her home to his parents’ house, where he officiated their vow renewal ceremony in front of an intimate group of family and friends.

Prewett got along swimmingly with Weber’s mom, Barbara — and even caught the bouquet at the end of the day. “I feel so welcomed by everyone here,” she said. “This was the most incredible first date I’ve ever been on in my life.”

Credit: John Fleenor/ABC

Peter was on the same page, giving Prewett a rose after what they both agreed was a “perfect first date.”

So who is Madison Prewett? Here is everything to know about one of this season’s early frontrunners.

She’s (another!) southern belle.

Prewett was born and raised in Auburn, Alabama: the same state that last season’s Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, calls home. Weber’s first impression rose recipient, Hannah Anne Sluss, is also from the South, hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee.

She’s a foster parent recruiter.

Prewett’s listed job on the show is a foster parent recruiter. According to a social work website, Prewett’s job involves taking applicants willing to take in children of different ages, those with special needs and kids who need temporary homes.

Prewett also states in her ABC bio that she hopes to one day open an orphanage.

Madison Prewett
| Credit: Maarten de Boer/ABC

She’s competed in pageants.

Like Hannah Brown, Prewett has some experience in the pageant world. She competed in Miss Alabama Teen USA in 2014. However, she did not make it to top 15, and did not compete again.

She’s an Auburn University graduate.

Prewett graduated from Auburn University in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies, according to her LinkedIn page.

She’s a basketball champion — and so is her dad.

Prewett was on her high school’s basketball team, and won four state championships throughout her career. She even won MVP one year, according to her ABC bio.

Her father, Auburn basketball director of operations Chad Prewett, appeared in her video package during the premiere episode and is responsible for her competitive success.

“We have a super close relationship,” Prewett said of her dad, who coached her throughout her entire basketball career.

She appeared on The Price is Right.

It turns out, The Bachelor is not Prewett’s first foray into television. In 2018, she competed on CBS game show The Price Is Right — and walked away with $8,000!

She’s very religious.

In her ABC bio, Prewett says that she is looking for a man who will prioritize faith and family. She also says that her dream is to travel the world and spread love through missionary work.

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