It's down to Lindsay and Catherine! Who do you think is the better fit for Sean?

By Rennie Dyball
February 26, 2013 08:00 PM
Kevin Foley/ABC(2)

First thing’s first: How epic was AshLee’s reaction to Sean Lowe sending her home on Monday’s episode of The Bachelor? The Women Tell All special was made for following up on moments like that one. Can’t wait to hear more from her next week.

Now that the one-time frontrunner is out of the picture, Sean just needs to decide between his final two, Lindsay and Catherine.

It’s hard to discern whether he might be leaning toward a life with the 24-year-old substitute teacher – who’s hoping to re-use her wedding dress from night one – or the 26-year-old graphic designer who seems to have squashed her sisters’ suggestion that she isn’t ready to settle down.

And what’s with the letter that Sean receives on the finale? (We may or may not have paused our DVRs in an unsuccessful attempt at reading it.) Does one of the women leave him hanging? Or perhaps the letter comes from AshLee, finally expressing in writing what she couldn’t do in words?

Oh, the drama!

(P.S. Please don’t post finale spoilers in the comments for those readers who like to be surprised!)