The charming southerner says she returned to the show for closure and to "say my peace"

By Carrie Bell
Updated March 02, 2012 12:30 PM
Craig Sjodin/ABC

With her Southern charm, bright eyes and big heart, it was easy to see why everyone fell in love with administrative assistant Kacie Bogoskie – everyone, that is, except perhaps The Bachelor‘s Ben Flajnik.

Speaking with reporters about the hometown date culture clash, her dramatic alpine reappearance in Switzerland and whether she thinks Ben could be happy with her former competitor Courtney Robertson, the eliminated Tennessee baton twirler, 24, had this to say.

You seemed unprepared for elimination.
I didn’t know how the other hometowns had gone so I had no clue who could be going home, [but] I definitely didn’t think it was me. When it got down to one rose, I thought that Nicki would be going home. I was shocked.

Did you go to Switzerland in search of reinstatement?
Initially, I was not going for a second chance. I really wanted closure and to make sure I said my peace about Courtney, because I care about him. Of course, there was that little part of me that hoped that if he saw me again, he’d be like, “I made a mistake. Stay.”

Why’d you feel the need to tell him about Courtney?
She has two sides – [one] around the house and [one] around Ben. I have a problem with somebody who has two sides, because I don’t know which is really you. She was manipulating – although I’m not sure who she manipulated more, us or him.

Your hometown date was quite the culture clash. Did that send Ben running?
As much as I’d like to think that Tennessee and California aren’t that different, they are. They hit the highlights of what led to his decision. He wanted to live with whoever he [picked], and he owns a winery, so those are two things in his life that don’t line up with my parents’ views. If whoever I’m with doesn’t mesh [with my family], that will cause problems.

He has two women left. Whom should he pick?
I’m Team Lindzi, because I love Lindzi, but it seems like he and Courtney get along great. At the end of the day, it’s about what makes him happy. If they are a great couple, who are we to judge how they work? If they are meant to be together, they should be.

What’s your romantic status update?
Still single. Watching has helped me get over it. I’m in a great place and ready to see who I meet next.

Would you be the Bachelorette?
It depends on where I am in life [when they ask], and if my family’s on board.