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January 14, 2015 07:50 PM

Has The Bachelor already found his one true love?

Not quite, although it does appear as if Chris Soules is coming clean about the fact he has a new wingman and shower companion – Jimmy Kimmel!

In these hilarious photos that offer a sneak peek at next week’s episode in which Kimmel serves as guest host, Soules shares his shower – as well as his soap and scrub brush – with the famed funny man, talk show host and avid Bachelor fan.

Chris Soules (left) and Jimmy Kimmel
Rick Rowell/ABC

Not only will Kimmel help Soules scrub off the dirt, he will also try and help the Bachelor look for love – or, as Soules described it in his PEOPLE.com blog this week: “Jimmy Kimmel takes over and nearly ruins everything for me.”

Kimmel not only crashes an intimate dinner and winds up in a hot tub, he also takes Soules and 12 bachelorettes to compete in a farm-themed relay race – milking a goat, shoveling manure and wrestling a greased pig – to see if they can really handle being a farmer’s wife.

Like many Bachelors before him, Soules is gaining a reputation for on-camera showering akin to Janet Leigh … although his scenes are decidedly sexier.

“A few words about all these shots of me showering,” Soules wrote in his PEOPLE.com blog. “As you can probably imagine, it’s a little weird showering with a camera a few feet from you. I’d like to tell you that you just get used to it, but you never quite get used to it.”

Continued Soules, “When I shower back home, there aren’t any cameras. When I shower at a hotel, there aren’t any cameras. When I shower, it’s just me, the water, and some shampoo and soap.”

And now Jimmy Kimmel.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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