Though she wishes she could have been, Chris Soules's runner-up just wasn't in love
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

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In perhaps the most civil breakup in Bachelor history, Chris Soules said goodbye to sweet chiropractic assistant Becca Tilley with nary a tear or snide comment in sight – and that’s definitely how she wanted it.

“I knew going into the day that I wasn’t going to be able to say what Chris needed to hear for him to choose me,” Tilley says. “I was preparing myself the night before for what was going to happen.”

Tilley says of an enamored Soules (who pleaded, “I want everything you can give me”), “I wished I could have told him what he needed to hear. But it would have been unfair of me. With him sitting there, begging me, it would have been so easy for me to just be like, ‘Okay, I am in love with you.’ But if I lied about how I was feeling, it was just going to be a disservice to us when it was all over.”

Calling herself a “slow mover,” Tilley admits that she felt at a disadvantage because her first one-on-one date wasn’t until week six. “I was far behind the rest of the girls,” she says. “Chris had the choice to continue dating me or propose to Whitney. And he chose her. I didn’t get there. And Whitney was ready. She was ready when she stepped out of the limo!”

And now, Tilley says she believes all’s well that ends in this case, super well.

“Whitney was one of my best friends on the show,” she says. “I love her and I think he is a wonderful guy. They’re very well matched. I hope [we’ll keep in touch]. Maybe if I start dating someone we can go on double dates!”