Which princess does Prince Farming choose?

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
March 09, 2015 10:05 PM
Nicole Kohl/ABC

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After two long but endlessly entertaining months, Prince Farming has finally chosen a bride-to-be.

Stop reading now to avoid spoilers.

As many had guessed, fertility nurse Whitney Bischoff was the last woman standing on Monday’s finale of The Bachelor. From the beginning of the episode, it was fairly clear that Becca Tilley – who was not yet ready to tell Chris Soules that she loved him – would be sent home.

Whitney, who may have been created in a lab by Bachelor producers, was tailor-made for this competition. Beautiful, accomplished, kind and endlessly devoted to her man, she checked all the boxes that Chris – or anyone – could hope to find in a soulmate.

When she visited Chris’s family, Whitney had the double advantage of being the first to visit and being endlessly enthusiastic about her love for Chris. It was obvious that everyone was enamored with her and that they had no interest in meeting anyone else.

Becca never stood a chance. Much more reserved than Whitney, she was unable to be as excited about her future with Chris and was, very simply, just more realistic about the whole process. There’s no realism allowed on The Bachelor, Becca. Silly.

“I’m not going to pick up my life and move anywhere until I’m sure,” Becca told Chris’s mother, explaining that she sees a future with Chris but that she wasn’t ready to tie her future to his. That went over like a lead balloon.

Still, though, Becca insisted to Chris that she was “so excited to be with you and to be together, and no, I don’t think it will be easy-breezy, doing long-distance. But I can’t make any promises on a timeline when I would be ready to move and pick up my life.” Did you hear that? That was the sound of a death knell.

Where many previous Bachelors chose to get down on one knee in a tropical destination, Chris kept it real: His venue of choice was his frigid barn in Arlington, Iowa, where the ladies had to wear long-sleeved dresses and their breath was visible in the air.

Becca was first to have her turn in the barn with Chris. “You’re not really ready,” he told her. “I have to just go with my heart and my gut, and I don’t think it’s fair for either of us to take that leap at this point. I’m in the toughest situation of my entire life. You are here because I felt it, and I’ve wanted it to happen, and I am so thankful to have been able to meet your family and be with you.”

As you might imagine, Becca took this information surprisingly well. “You’re an amazing person,” she said, “and this whole experience was the way it was for me because of you.”

She may have welled up in the limo on the way out of Arlington, but we may have projected that. Maybe she didn’t even realize what happened – Chris is the most gentle breaker of hearts on the planet.

For anyone doubting that Whitney would come away with a ring, you have not been watching this show nor been paying attention to our simple donut, Chris Soules.

Bucking tradition, Whitney was the first to make her grand overture: “Everything has boiled down to right here. . I love you so much, I really do, and I’m so scared right now.”

(Whitney, that’s not fear – the shuddering causing your speech to hiccup is from the overwhelming cold of that barn.)

“From the moment that I met you,” said Chris, “from the moment you got out of the limo [I thought], ‘This woman is perfect for me.’ Being able to have you here today and being able to have you here in Iowa, meeting my family and seeing how they reacted to you, there are so many things about you that I am excited about.”

Added Chris, “It’s not work for us. It’s natural. We both want the same thing, and it feels so right. It feels so perfect. And that’s what I want for the rest of my life. I love you.”

Pulling out an enormous Neil Lane rock, he popped the question, to which Whitney responded with an enthusiastic “Absolutely!” Pack your bags, Whitney – you’re moving to Iowa.

• Chris’s parents visited the barn following the proposal, and everybody immediately started talking about Whitney as if she were a breeding mare. Everybody relax.