'We May Have Broken the Bed': 18 Juicy Confessions from Inside the Bachelor Fantasy Suites

We don't get to see what happens in the Fantasy Suite on camera, but luckily for the rest of us, plenty of Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants have spilled the details afterward

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Matt James

Matt James The Bachelor
Craig Sjodin/ABC

This Bachelor's confessions are actually anything but steamy: he used his time in the Fantasy Suite to talk to his potential flames.

By the time the former football player reached that stage of his journey to find love, he was down to three contestants: frontrunner Rachael Kirkconnell, newly minted Bachelorette Michelle Young and second runner-up Bri Springs.

"I can't speak for anybody but myself, but I think the women appreciated [just talking]," James told WSJ Magazine in a May 2021 profile. "Because I did learn things about them that I hadn't gathered — that I don't think I would have learned if I hadn't used that time to really dive deeper into something that they might not have been comfortable talking about on camera."

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Peter Weber

Madison and Peter Weber

It's no secret that Weber's season of The Bachelor has been full of drama, but not many moments rival the one that went down during Fantasy Suite week.

Madison Prewett, who's one of the final three women competing, told Peter that she had certain "expectations" going into the Fantasy Suite dates. Madison is saving herself for marriage and told Peter, "If next week you were to sleep with anybody else, it would be really hard for me to really move forward in this. I just feel like I owe it to you to be upfront and honest with you about that. That is really important to me."

It wasn't an ultimatum in the traditional sense, but Peter still thought it wasn't "necessarily fair."

On his dates with Hannah Ann and Victoria, the pilot did, indeed, get intimate with the two ladies, and ended up having to tell Madison.

"I just can't wrap my mind around in a week from now, if you're down on one knee, and six days before that you slept with somebody else," Madison explained after telling Peter that she was a virgin. "I just can't wrap my mind around that, I can't."

Peter eventually ended up telling the 23-year-old, "I don't want this to feel like it's all about sex, but this is really a big thing right now for us," he said. "I don't know how else to do this. I'll just be very honest and I won't give any details, but I have been intimate, and I can't lie to you about that."

The whole ordeal ended with Madison walking off as Peter pleaded with her to stay.

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Hannah Brown

John Fleenor/ ABC

Hannah Brown set the rumor mill (and windmill) on fire when she admitted to Luke P. while sending him home (he infamously told her that she shouldn't have sex in the Fantasy Suites) that she "has had sex and Jesus still loves me."

She took it a step further and admitted that she "f----- in a windmill. And guess what? We did it a second time." She was alluding to her Fantasy Suite date with Peter Weber.

Then, to add fuel to the windmill fire, the former pageant queen told the audience on After the Final Rose, "I will say I was a little dishonest about something. Since it's out there and I did say that there was something that Peter and I did twice ... It was actually four times."

No one will ever look at windmills the same way.

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Hannah Brown (Again)

Courtesy ABC (2)

Sometimes it's about what doesn't go down: a PEOPLE exclusive sneak peek at the July 15 episode of The Bachelorette showed Brown's hesitation over an overnight date with Tyler Cameron.

"I feel like our relationship has been so fun, so easy getting to know each other," she told him over dinner. "But there is a concern for me about our physical relationship. It is a huge part of our relationship."

While Brown admitted that she was "so captivated about being around you and you holding me and kissing me — like, I just want that, I do," there was obviously something missing. Finally, she told him, "I don't want to go into the Fantasy Suite."

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Colton Underwood

Eric McCandless/ABC

Underwood shared a bit of what happened behind-the-scenes in the Fantasy Suite when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! "The Fantasy Suite was the most pivotal part of my journey," he said, trying to hold back a grin.

Though producers assured the former football player that their microphones would be off as they closed the door to the suite, Underwood wanted to be totally sure he was really alone with his date. "I checked the rooms," he said, admitting to Kimmel that he searched for any recording equipment producers may have been hiding.

In April 2021, Underwood came out as gay.

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Becca Kufrin

ABC's "The Bachelorette" - Season 14
Becca Kufrin. ABC/Getty

When she was a contestant on Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season of The Bachelor, Kufrin's Fantasy Suite was less than luxurious. Rather than a penthouse hotel room with a king-sized bed, as generally seen in previous overnight dates for the final three suitors, Kufrin and Luyendyk Jr. shared a tent with a super-small bed.

The soon-to-be Bachelorette called out host Chris Harrison when the episode aired, writing, "@ChrisBHarrison exaggerated when he called it the fantasy suite."

On a Bachelorette reunion special, however, Kufrin told her gal pals that her antics with fiancé Garrett Yrigoyen in the Fantasy Suite caused some actual damage.

"The night that Garrett and I were together," Becca reveals. "We may have broken the bed." She quickly added: "Sorry Mom!"

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Rachel Lindsay

ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 21

The former Bachelorette (who is now married to Bryan Abasolo) admitted that she had sex with two out of three of the men she picked for Fantasy Suites.

She also said of getting intimate with her now-husband, "You know how sometimes it's really awkward for people their first time? It was not for us at all. Like, I swear to god!"

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Rachel Lindsay (Again)


On Viall's own season of The Bachelor, future bachelorette Lindsay was sent home after the Fantasy Suite night. And an interview she did more than a year later revealed, perhaps, in part why: Donald Trump. Lindsay's date came just two days after Trump was elected president, and she said on the Bachelor Party podcast that the news left her rattled. So much so that when Lindsay got to her date, she said she "couldn't get in the right headspace" and had a few drinks. By the time they got to the Fantasy Suite, she just wanted to go to bed. "I did nothing! I did nothing but sleep," she said. "I got my best sleep in the Fantasy Suite!"

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Raven Gates


Gates' experience with Viall, on the other hand, was very different. Before they went into the suite, Gates confessed to Viall that she had never had an orgasm during sex with her previous partner. We didn't see what actually happened, but the footage from the next morning of a very happy Gates skipping around Finland said it all. "Well, the thing about the show is they really capture those exciting moments and they make everything pretty true to what is happening," said Gates. "So I think I don't really have to say too much. I think the show pretty much captured it."

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Raven Gates (Again)

ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 21

Though the big story was that Gates, who had never had an orgasm, had an intimate night with Viall, she later admitted that it wasn't actually the case. On The Morning Toast podcast, she simply said she didn't have sex with him, and in fact repeatedly told producers that she couldn't marry him.

"I will tell you this, I actually stopped Chris Harrison before I walked in [to the finale] because I was like 'I can't do it, I cannot do it.'... I really thought it was me. He would say things to me off camera or on camera that would just give me the validation and he mentioned a ring before and I told a producer, 'If he sends someone over here for rings I can't do it.'"

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Nick Viall


Viall's Fantasy Suite confession is likely the best known in Bachelor franchise history. It came on the "After the Final Rose" episode of Andi Dorfman's season, when he famously said: "Knowing how in love with you I was, if you weren't in love with me, I'm just not sure why you made love with me." Dorfman slammed the comment, calling it "below the belt," and saying that it should have been "kept private."

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JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers

Matt Klitscher/ABC via Getty

The now-fiancés of nearly two years stayed relatively mum about what happened on their own Fantasy Suite date, but they did let one major detail slip during an interview with PEOPLE Now. They both answered a resounding "Yes!" when asked if it was okay to hook up in the Fantasy Suite. Fletcher herself went a bit further, saying, "We're going to be honest, we're not lying."

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Courtney Robertson


Robertson, the eventual winner of Bachelor Ben Flajnik's season, felt the same way as Harris. "It was like, 'Wow, we're alone for the first time!'" she told Radar Online. "I really got to hear his voice, how he felt about me. You get to see the true personality come through a little more, because people aren't watching what they say as much."

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Ali Fedotowsky


Fedotowsky says that contestants can learn a lot about their future on the show by the way their lead acts in the Fantasy Suite. Case in point? "On my season I know I wanted to be with one guy, so I didn't even want to spend the night with the other guy," she said, seemingly referencing her runner-up, Chris Lambton. "So I asked one of the producers to call and make up an excuse for me to be able to leave the room. So if that's happening to you — if the Bachelor's leaving the room — you're probably not getting chosen. That's what I meant. But if you choose not to sleep with them, well, I would hope not."

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Emily Maynard


The concept of Fantasy Suites made Bachelorette Maynard so uncomfortable she turned them down for all three of her final men, making her the first Bachelorette in history to do so. "I know what 'fantasy' is implying, and I'm not totally comfortable with that," she wrote in a blog for PEOPLE. "I also feel like my relationships have been so honest and real that there was really nothing they could have told me overnight that would've changed my mind."

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Jillian Harris

Adam Larkey/ABC via Getty

What's the best thing about the Fantasy Suites? Many contestants will tell you it's not just the alone time, but the fact that it's your first time one-on-one with the lead without the cameras rolling, including Bachelor contestant turned Bachelorette Jillian Harris. "We had a great time in the hot tub and we had great conversation," she said. "It was great to have a lot of off-camera time with him and be able to chat about the things we weren't able to chat about on camera."

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Chase McNary


When you're the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, deciding whether or not to go into the Fantasy Suite at all with a contestant is a big choice. And when it came time for McNary to enter the fantasy suite with Bachelorette Fletcher, she turned him down and sent him home. McNary took the rejection hard, telling PEOPLE, "It was hitting rock bottom from the highest cliff."

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Andi Dorfman

Javier Pesquera/ABC

For Bachelorette Dorfman and her soon-to-be fiancé Josh Murray, the Fantasy Suite was nothing but romance. They stayed up all night talking, she said: "We spent the evening swapping stories, laughing until our stomachs hurt. We talked about our future, our beliefs and our goals in life. We were in mid-conversation when the sun came up, beaming through the sheer window panels of our bungalow." No wonder a proposal was soon to follow, though the pair eventually split.

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